Linking audio files in PM App

(Christopher Hooker) #1

I’m probably being a bit dim but I can’t find how to link my audio files to the songs in the App? Help please

(Christopher Hooker) #2

When I click ‘select song’ tab nothing happens (the song list came up a couple of times for some reason) but normally nothing. Could it be a bug. Am using iPad Air

(Colin Cameron) #3

Hi Chris

To attach an audio file, tap the speaker icon at the top right of the display and then tap “Select Song”. This will allow you to attach a song from your music library on your iPad.

I’m unsure what you mean in your second question. Can you clarify what you are tapping and what is going wrong when you do?

(Christopher Hooker) #4

Thanks, yes I have been doing that but nothing happens when I tap “Select Song”. On two occasions only, the song list appeared and I made the link, and also when I returned to that particular page where I had been able to make the link it would not play even though the link was displayed.

(Christopher Hooker) #5

For what it’s worth, the same happens in PM Reader. It will link on the 1st song and then no more. Also the one linked song does not play

(Christopher Hooker) #6

App updated today (v 1.0.2 13th March) but problem remains

(Colin Cameron) #7

Hi Chris

I think I see what the problem is. When you tap “Select Song” on the audio pop-over, Power Music scans your music library for potential matches based on title. If it finds any, it will show a list of those songs. If not, a list of all songs in your library is shown.

The problem seems to be that a recent iOS update has broken the functionality to show a list of potential matches. I’ve just tested an iPad on iOS 8.1.3, which doesn’t work, and an iPad on 7.1, which does work. This will be why sometimes you did see the list appearing: you had no matching titles in your music library. The same codebase is used for Power Music and Power Music Reader, so the bug will be in both versions.

This must have slipped past our testing. I’m sorry we haven’t noticed it before. We will get an update ready as soon as possible to address this bug.

(Christopher Hooker) #8

Disappointed this hasn’t been fixed yet as I can’t use my iPad. (Should have delayed opening an account with Music Box!)

(Power Music Guru) #9

Hi Chris
Updating the app is not as quick as updating the other software. Once fixes are done and then tested it still has to be submitted to Apple before it can be released and that part alone can take at least a week. We just found this bug after the last update was released and we are doing our best to fit this in.
Meanwhile you can still use your box to transfer your songs and we will let you know as soon as the next release is available.

(Christopher Hooker) #10

So not some time soon - what a pain! Btw not much point in being able to transfer songs if I can’t use them, but thanks anyway.

(Power Music Guru) #11

It should be within the next couple of weeks. Are your songs dependant on the audio files?

(Christopher Hooker) #12

Yes, they are my backing tracks

(Christopher Hooker) #13

Just seen iOS 8.2 is now available for download (I currently have 8.1.3). Should I hold back on this until the PM bug is fixed, or might it cure it possibly?

(Colin Cameron) #14

Hi Chris

iOS 8.2 does not fix this issue unfortunately. There’s no reason to hold back from updating your iPad though. It’s always a good idea to update to the latest iOS version.

(Colin Cameron) #15


An update has now been submitted to Apple that should fix this issue for you. The update should be available within the week.

(Christopher Hooker) #16

Update worked to a degree - was able to link audio to songs BUT difficulty in playing back - had to repeatedly tap the play button sometimes with no success.
But now back to square one - updated to ios 8.3 and the original problem has returned - cannot link songs with audio again. Have uninstalled and reinstalled PM with no luck.
Really regret buying iPad specifically for this as have not been able to use yet for nearly a month, and wasted a subscription to My Box.
Not at all happy!

(Christopher Hooker) #17

Update Since reinstalling PM and uploading the songs and playlists again I can now link to the audio files (disappointed had to do this manually - hoped for them to link automatically) but still have difficulty in playing them. I have to tap the play button several times sometimes without any success at all. No good for public performance.

(Colin Cameron) #18

Hi Chris

Do you use iTunes Match? There will be a delay in starting playback if your music is stored in the cloud.

How would you imagine automatic linking working? Would the title have to be an exact match, and what would happen if you have multiple tracks with the same title in your iPad library?

I’ve just updated my own iPad here to iOS 8.3 and I am not seeing the problem you had with not being able to link audio in the new version of Power Music, sorry.

(Christopher Hooker) #19

I don’t use iTunes Match, all audio files are stored on iPad.

I suppose I was assuming it would be the same as PM Pro where there is a link which can be reproduced on a second laptop - but not a major problem at all.

As I said, I am now able to link the audio and have done so. My problem now is that I can’t get them to play. When I tap the Play button nothing happens even when I do it several times - (the title of the audio is displayed ok). Very rarely it does work about one in twenty, and then when I go to the next song no luck again.
I have noticed when I go to a new playlist, often the first song selected plays ok, but then subsequent ones won’t.

I am using iPad Air iOS 8.3

(Colin Cameron) #20

Linking audio files in Power Music Pro and the Power Music App works in very different ways internally, so unfortunately it is not possible to maintain links through transfers via Power Music Box. The audio link on an iPad uses a unique identifier for the particular track which is not even guaranteed to be consistent across different iPads with the same library I’m afraid.

When you are tapping the play button and nothing happens, is the icon changing to the pause icon at all, or is it remaining as a play icon?