Linking audio files in PM App

(Christopher Hooker) #21

Thanks, I guessed it might be something like that.

When I tap the button the icon remains as it is unless it works (plays) and then changes to pause.
I have just gone through a setlist of about 30 songs and have had to tap several (usually 4 or 5) times for about 90 per cent of the songs to get them to play.

(Colin Cameron) #22

I think the problem is that the tap target area is too small/too close to the progress bar. Tapping even slightly off the button will not register as a tap - a problem especially if trying to play/pause in a hurry.

I’ll be sure to increase the icon size in the next release.

(Christopher Hooker) #23

Oh well, probably another few weeks with out being able to use it on a gig then?
Most disappointing. Maybe a refund due on My Box perhaps?
Thanks for looking into it.