Linking PM Reader to PM Pro on the Computer

(Skipper Smith) #1

I recently joined After doing several chats with them via computer, I found out that they do not yet have their software linked up to Power Music Pro on the computer. So, I had to download their Power Music Reader on my IPhone. I can download one chord sheet per month. But as yet, I am unable to print out the chord sheet from the IPhone. I am wondering if there’s any way I can somehow sync the IPhone to the home computer, so I can print the music from the computer. Sorry to be so long-winded with this! My first post!

(Colin Cameron) #2

You can transfer songs downloaded from WorshipReady on your iPhone to Power Music Professional on Windows using Power Music Box.

If you go to “My Box” on your iPhone, and log in or sign up for a free account, you can then upload the songs to your account, and then log in on your PC and download them for printing.

(Skipper Smith) #3

Thank you Cameron, for your reply. I downloaded one song from WorshipReady to the iPhone. I got an account on My Box. I’m still not sure of the next steps. When you say to log in on the PC to download the song for printing, are you referring to Power Music Pro?

I’m on Power Music Pro now; but I’m still not sure how to download the song to Power Music Pro. Sorry for coming off as the proverbial Village Idiot! (LOL)
Anyway, thanks for your help.

(Skipper Smith) #4

Hey Mr. Cameron! I just figured it out! Finally! Took me a while; but I’m persistent. Thanks!

(Colin Cameron) #5

Sorry for the confusion - I meant to log in to My Box on Power Music Professional.

Glad to hear you managed to get it sorted.

(Skipper Smith) #6

Thank you Colin. I never noticed the My Box on Power Music Pro before. But, when I opened up the program the other day, I looked up there & saw the My Box! So, it hit me! I clicked on it; & sure enough, I got it!
Thanks again!