Linking to mp3 files stored on iPad

(Donald Dickson) #1

Hi, On my desktop Windows PC installation within Edit I can link to any MP3 anywhere on my PC.
This is great in Edit for getting the chord change layout in “synch” with an MP3. It seems that not everyone has the natural instinct of when to change a chord and use the position of the chord symbol (A, E, D etc).
Not so on my iPad.
So first off I do not use iTunes as my music library.
I store my MP3 directly on my iPad using a combination of Dropbox and an app called Folder Plus.
So it seems that the PM “engine” only works with iTunes and will not permit me to “search” other locations on my iPad.

My question is will there ever be a workaround for the iPad, or is this restriction an iOS lockout feature within PM?

(Colin Cameron) #2

Hi Donald

Power Music and Power Music Reader on iPad will only see music that is stored in your music library on the iPad. There’s no way to add an MP3 file to Power Music to link to a song, so you would have to add the song to your iPad music library using iTunes in order to use it in Power Music.

There’s currently no plans to add the ability to import MP3 files, but there is no technical limitation preventing us from adding this feature in future.