Live screen

When running the PM3 of a laptop is it possible to tell it which screen to use for full screen?
At the moment it defaults to the main windows screen but by default my laptop uses its own screen as the main screen so I first have to change this setting.

I would also be quite good if the laptop screen could be made useful while live, eg for adding new songs while the playlist is live, but thats a whole other thing.


Do you mean you are using an extended desktop. I think most people use a cloned desktop so that the same display appears on all screens. Is this not the default on a laptop? Putting the live output on one display and something else on the other is a programming issue - I am not qualified to answer!!!

The laptop I’m using has a 10" screen and the monitor 22"
It’s not possible to clone the display as the laptop can’t go to a high enough resolution and if I set it low it looks bad on the larger screen. Extended desktop or turning the laptop screen off is the only way.


I believe the minimum resolution is 1024 x 768 for PM.

I agree either you run at a low res or turn off the laptop screen and run at a high res.

No easy answer!


Hi Gordon, thanks for the reply.
I do actually have it working on extended view with no issues, the program runs on the laptop screen and when I go to full screen it appears on the monitor.
The issue I had/have was how this is initially setup as the ‘live’ screen has to be set as the main window in the os for it to work this way.

Hi Phil
Outputting to other screens is something we will be looking at as it has already been asked for. We will be adding settings for selecting different display options. This will be in a future version.