Mac to pc

(Ray Longden) #1

I have been using Power Music for a few years now on windows operating system. I have a computer at home and one at church. I user my box to transfer between home and church. I need to replace my home computer and was thinking of buying a Mac. My question is: can I upload my songs from a Mac to my Pc at church. Are they compatible with each other. Any info would be great.


Ray Longden

(Power Music Guru) #2

Hi Ray
You can upload from the Mac to your Box and download from the Box at church the same way you do just now. The purpose of Power Music Box is to be able to transfer songs between PC, Mac and iPad.

(Ray Longden) #3

Thanks for your prompt reply, it was very helpful. I didn’t want to spend money on a Mac if it wasn’t compatible with my church Pc.

(Power Music Guru) #4

Be sure to check the feature comparison between PM4 and PM Mac: