Minimum system requirements

(Phil J) #1

I was recently looking at the Zoostorm SL8 tablet which is a windows device and thought it would be good to run powermusic from. However, the processor is a 1.66ghz atom and your minimum spec says 1.7ghz.
While I suspect .04ghz isnt significant there presumably is a reason why 1.7ghz was chosen, how much of a stuggle is it to run when you get down to this speed of processor?

(Gordon Cameron) #2

I have PowerMusic running on this tablet (a version branded by a company called RM - see RM Slate). The problem is not the speed but the awful interface Windows 7 provides. I run the display using 125% so that the icons and menus are touch usable - but this can cause overlapping of some items. As a display it is very good and sits really well on a piano or music stand but I suggest you set up playlists and do any editing using a mouse (and keyboard maybe) then use the tablet alone for performance with the USB foot pedal we supply - this works really well.
Hope this helps!

(Gordon Cameron) #3

Photo of Tablet

(Phil J) #4

Thanks Gordon,
I’ll give it some thought, ive had some people tell me to avoid zoostorm products as they arent that reliable.

(Gordon Cameron) #5

I use a Zoostorm desktop PC at work and it is running fine!!! - so far!