Monitor stands

(Phil J) #1

Has anyone come up with a cheaper alternative way of holding a 22" monitor than the £109 for the tripod stand?
The tripod looks perfect but is just too expensive for me, if it were more like £30 it would be a no-brainer!

(Gordon Cameron) #2

We have been using these tripod stands with our church band for the last year or so. At first I used converted music stands but they were unstable and really quite dangerous!! Then I bought a monitor stand for about £90 which lasted only a few months before the mount collapsed and would no longer hold the monitor in position. The ones from Cambron have been very sturdy and show no signs of the problems caused by the other stand. If you Google for floor mounted LCD stands I think you will find that the price that Cambron charge is very reasonable for the quality.

(Gordon Cameron) #3

BTW the price of the collapsed stand was not £90 but £134 just checked it on-line.

(Phil J) #4

Thanks for the feedback, I assumed that the charge was not unreasonable but hoped there might be a cheaper alternative given that the stand costs more than the monitor it would be holding.

(Power Music Guru) #5

The cost is in the parts. It is a niche market so the cost of parts is higher. Monitors are churned out by the million so the cost can be low.
One day all bands and orchestras may be using monitor stands so then the cost price will be reduced. We just need to let everyone know how much they need Power Music!

(Phil J) #6

I emailed a few music stand makers, K&M came back with something that looks a little cheaper.
Do a search for K&M 19685


(Gordon Cameron) #7

These look interesting.
However the use of a 3/8 inch threaded mount limits their use to microphone stands. I cannot find any music stands - which have much stronger bases - with this attachment. But for a light-weight monitor maybe up to 17 inch they might do the job.
Just for info… when I first tried mounting monitors on music stands I had a disaster when a child pulled the stand over - very easily!!

(Phil J) #8

I asked them about that, they can also mount on their V mount music stands which start at about £60 I think.
Ive bought a 22" viewsonic LED monitor which only weights 3.5kg so hopefully avoid too much top heavy problems.

(Phil J) #9

Just an update on this. I went for the K&M mount in the end. Got that and a mic stand for £50 delivered.
I totally agree its no where near a sturdy as a music stand would be (How strange we make things for holding paper more sturdy than £’s worth of mics!) but its doing a good job for me. The biggest issue is that because its a mic stand the legs are the same height as the stand for the mic im using so trying to get them nicely aligned is a pain.

The K&M bracket is great for packing up which we have to do, the monitor just lifts off an gets packed away.

Maybe one day when ive saved my pennies i’ll get the proper stand, but for now im happy!

(Gordon Cameron) #10

Hi Phil
Good luck with the stand. I must admit I would not even consider putting a £100+ monitor on a microphone stand! Even my experiences with the (as you say) “more sturdy” music stands was not good. However if keeping cost down as much as possible is the aim your solution hits the spot! I must admit I find it strange that musicians will happily spend 100s of pounds on guitars, keyboards, drums etc but save pennies on seeing what they are playing!!

(David Wood) #11

Just for info -

Just found another music stand that may be of interest to members. I’ve just ordered mine, and a very good friend of mine bought one a few weeks ago, and won’t let anybody share it :slight_smile: I think he takes it everywhere, as I never see him without it.

The stand does have a somewhat large tripod base, yet this is in fact, a more stable unit than a modified music stand…

It secures your laptop in a most ingenious way. An additional feature is that of a spare smaller shelf, that is very handy for things like drinks / computer mouse etc.

The unit is height adjustable, to a level that would suit both the standing and seated musician - a feature that most of us would value I’m sure. (ps I am not selling these, and my opinion may not be yours), yet surely it’s worth a look.

With it being for a specific function, the availability is sometimes out of stock, but keep trying as they do come on the market as available very soon.

Here’s the thread:

If the link doesn’t work from here, just copy and paste the address as required.

Have fun :slight_smile: