Multiple audio files

(AndyG) #1

I use audio files I’ve created as backing tracks for when I’m the only musician at a service and the song doesn’t lend itself to just guitar. One singer occasionally mentions that the key is too high for her, so we have the option of either playing in a lower key without track or she doesn’t sing for that song. Of course, I can always re-record the track for the next time we need it.

Would it be possible in a future upgrade of PowerMusic to either allow more than audio file per song in the songbook (I know I can add the song again in a different key but I’m trying to keep things tidy and use as little space as possible) or maybe have the option to raise/lower the pitch of the audio file (by, say, up to 3 semi-tones)?


(Brenda Cameron) #2

Hi Andy
Thanks for your suggestion, we will consider it for future versions.