Multiple Devices

(John Long) #1

How many devices can sync up to do synchronized page turning? We are about to invest into having all iPads for our stage and need to know if we can have up to 10 devices synced up.

(Colin Cameron) #2

Hi John

Synchronised page turning has a limit of 8 devices.

If you’re investing in devices for all musicians on a stage, have you considered a multi-monitor setup with a central computer? This is very popular with our users as it means only having one computer to manage, and you can use larger displays - 22" displays are fairly typical, being around the size of a music stand. It would also be significantly cheaper than purchasing 10 iPads.

(John Long) #3

We have used that setup since 2011 and we are now switching over to iPads for more versatility and ease moving screens. Plus it looks better and less bulky. We will probably just have to have multiple designated page turners. Thanks for the help.