music one and windows 10

(Niklaus Frei) #1


if i want to update from win 7 to win 10,
a error message occurs, that the intel graphics accelerator
would not work. what happens if i update nonetheless,
or where can i get the new driver?

(Gordon Cameron) #2

The issue is that there is no Windows 10 driver for the Integrated graphics “chip” in the Intel Atom D2700 processor used in some MusicOne PCs.
It is known as integrated Intel® GMA3650 Graphics System.
This is a well known issue as quite a large number of different PC manufacturers have used the particular Atom chip and thier users cannot upgrade to Windows 10.
The problem lies with Intel who are refusing to produce a Windows 10 driver for their chip. There are a large number of complaints about this on Intel’s forum and other forums.
If you continue to install Windows 10 on the MusicOne the screen will not work correctly - the only resolution available will be 1024x768 which will appear distorted on the screen which should be 1366x768.
I recommend you don’t install Windows 10 and stick with Windows 7 (Windows 8 will not work either for the same reason).
This matter is completely outwith the control or Cambron or Shuttle - the manufacturers of the MusicOne PC. It’s an Intel problem!
Sorry I cannot be of more help.

(Niklaus Frei) #3

hi gordon

thank you very much for your quick, competent and kind anwser.
i think i can live with windows 7.
the software power music pro is still brilliant.

cheers Niki