MusicOne 16

(Donald Dickson) #1

The new Music One 16 looks attractive but having read the spec page on the website I was still left wondering about shared pedal connectivity.
Can the Music One 16 synch foot pedals ‘same as iPad’ ?

I have an original Windows Music One 24 (large screen Shuttle PC) that I refer to as my ‘luggable’. This does not have the foot pedal synch feature.

Out of interest, I switched back to my iPad (24cm 9.5" screen) when I need to achieve true portability and because using the pedal synch facility it was useful to synch iPads with other band members so that we were all ‘on the same page at the same time’. The only downside is at age 70 yrs it is a struggle sometimes to use the small screen.
Anyway, that is digressing because what I would like to know is a bit more about the Bluetooth foot pedal connectivity.
Can the Music One 16 synch foot pedals ‘same as iPad’ ?

(Colin Cameron) #2

Hi Donald

I’m not sure where you’re seeing shared pedal functionality on the MusicOne 16 product page. The MusicOne 16 is a Windows PC running Power Music Professional - as your current MusicOne 24 is.

The synchronised page turning feature is only available on the iPad and iPhone versions of Power Music, as it relies on built-in features of iOS to work.

If you want the same content to be displayed on multiple screens using the MusicOne 16, then you can connect external monitors using the VGA or HDMI ports on the back.

(Donald Dickson) #3

Hi, Colin, that was my point. I was not seeing anything about shared page turning functionality so wanted to confirm if it was available.
Thanks for explaining the root source of the functionality is iOS based.

Synchronised page turning is a really neat feature to have. The multiple screen feature does not meet our identified need. Multiple screens take up too much floor space, require power supplies etc., whereas self-powered iPads can be mounted (with a suitable holder) on microphone stands or simple music stands.

As with life in general there is a compromise to be made - option 1 get the great features of the Windows based app and require everyone else to manage their own page turning - or Option 2 upgrade to the larger screen iPad but have less in App features compared to the Windows version. Or option 3 stick with what we have. It is a big ask to suggest every band member upgrades so I suspect it will be option 1 or 3 depending upon personal finances.

As usual with Cambron you provided an amazing fast response to my question - thanks!