MusicPad Pro v Power Music

(Gary Brown) #1

Hi, I purchased a MusicPad sheet music reading ‘tablet’ Pro in 2008. I thought at the time it was the business as I was able to put most of my worship and some secular sheets on there, I went on to use it a fair amount in gigs in the clubs and at church. It never let me down in a gig but did freeze up several times in practice and I guess I was just lucky but I could not trust it.

I have since got Powermusic onto my laptop and I’d like to do a quick comparison.

I used my laptop at a church meeting for the first time on sunday, I had it sat on top of a digital piano and it worked great.

MusicPad Pro decided not to update the software or the device and this was frustrating as I found it a little slow page turning and also fidgety when trying to find a quick song in the middle of the set, using a fingernail as I was unable to grab the stylus with left hand whilst my right hand was still pressing chords trying to keep the flow of the meeting going.

On sunday I was able to keep playing with my RH whilst flicking through songs on the PM and found new ones very quickly. This was very refreshing and the pages turned quickly.
When you play in pentecostal services and the working men’s clubs you have to be very very flexible and quick whilst changing songs and selecting new ones in seconds with only one hand as you’ve gotta keep the continuity going whether your leading worship or changing a song selection in the middle of a Modern Waltz for Ballroom dancing. The Power Music is an answer to prayer so to speak as it’s also completely editable on the fly, on the Music Pad it took me two weeks to scan in 200 songs each of which had to cropped sized, etc converted and then imported back in etc… and then once they were in the system could not be edited again inside the tablet! aarrgh!

In one week doing about 4-5 hours a day I’ve scanned in almost 900 songs from books and also pdf’s from sheet sites. I have my entire Secular repertoire (the ones I know I’ll use anyway) and over 300 worship hymns and choruses that I use.
As a reading musician (who has an awful memory and busking ability) this programme is like sight to the blind!
I cannot rate it highly enough. SPEED of being able to locate a song INSTANTLY is what this is all about for me and it does it effortlessly.

For some the MusicPad Pro is great if you have set lists for performance and don’t anticipate any surprises (mines for sale now!)

The speed of scanning ‘into’ the PM is a godsend and also being able to then go back and adjust the brightness and etc later and add annotations is great.

My problem now is knowing which tablet to purchase. My old Acer Laptop is very heavy, clumsy and is falling apart but does have a decent screen size.
I fear if I go for the Microsoft Surface Pro the screen will be too small.
Some sheets are large notes some are tiny so I need a decent screen to see all shapes and sizes. I prefer two pages on one screen with some sheets but would love to see some examples of peoples tablets, musicones, ipads etc to see how sheets ‘look’ on different devices.
I also need the tablet on a mic stand to swing across my keyboards as they are stacked quite high and there is no room for a clumsy laptop table.
The MusicOne system looks great and is dedicated but is pricey and it would be nice to have a tablet that does ‘other’ stuff for the price.

Thank You for Powermusic it is amazing. I cannot think of any improvements at this stage as it suits my style but congratulations on a great system!

Converting Musicpad Pro .fh to .pdf format
(Power Music Guru) #2

Thanks for the great review.
Now that you have around 1200 songs make sure you make regular backups!

(Gary Brown) #3

why don’t tell me I’m due for a crash? haha

(Power Music Guru) #4

:slight_smile: Not from Power Music, but if your old Acer is falling apart …

(Gary Brown) #5

have u any idea where i can get In the beauty of Holiness by robin mark? Ive tried umpteen sites to purchase it either book or song and even chord charts are hard to come by?

thx G

(Power Music Guru) #6

We are working on creating more digital songbooks and will try to include that one.

(Gordon Cameron) #7

Nice review! Thanks!
The MusicOne is a fully functional touch screen Windows 7 PC which comes with a sturdy stand that would let you put it behind the keyboard. I would be a little concerned about using a microphone stand - not the most stable! Also the screen is 15.6 inch which is a good size for music. But it is not HD (as the Surface is), the resolution is 1366 x 768, however it is perfectly clear for sheet music display.

(Gary Brown) #8

nobody seems to have it and its so popular in churches here. thanks…
can you let me know when you have any new digital downloads ready?

thx G

(John Mills) #9

I am pleased to hear someone else is getting satisfaction from the Power music. I have just received mine, first thought was OH NO the screen is not as large as I first thought, I say this because I have been looking for one with a screen large enough that doesn’t weigh to much, then seeing this advert I thought after getting over the shock of the price I would give it a try, and WOW when the scanned image appeared I was most impressed, but now the problem is, I have hundreds of books thousands of songs it will still take me a fair time to scan them onto the computer.
I have a MusicPad Pro at the moment which I have to find a home for (the dustbin is tempting)as mention before the time it took to transfer the music from my scanner to the Musicpad Pro that’s when I could remember how to do the process, comparing it to Power Music is pure delight.
Must get back to the scanner. Thankyou Cambron Team.

(Gordon Cameron) #10

Good news John69!

Power Music CAN import .FH files. The process is as follows…

  1. If your .FH files are all single page then skip to step 3.
  2. Using MusicPad Manager split the .FH files into single page files. (Load file, delete the pages you don’t need, save then reload and repeat)
  3. (Make a copy of the files!) Rename all the files to the extension .TIFF
  4. Try importing one into Power Music as an image. Some .FH files import immediately into Power Music however if not… try the next step.
  5. Download the free image management program “irfanview”, Put all your single page files in one folder, then batch convert using irfanview to .PNG files.
  6. They will then load into Power Music.

Hope this helps.

It should be a bit quicker that re-scanning!

We will be working on a direct import of .FH files into Power Music - so keep watching!


(Gordon Cameron) #11

Hi John69

I forgot - there is another option.

Download a free PDF printer driver - for example CutePDF.

Then print your music to PDF files from the Music Pad Manager program

Then import as PDF to Power Music


(John Mills) #12

Thanks Gordon I shall give that a whirl ASAP