New scanner from power music

(David Kechel) #1

I just received the new scanner from Power Music and have installed it and used it with CamShop, but when I use it with PowerMusic it doesn’t show the live display as I have seen in your demo.If I click on the scan button it will scan the image, but I can’t see the live screen to be able to adjust the cue. Any idea what the problem might be. I have updated the power music to the latest build and rebooted the computer. I’m running Windows 10.

(Jim McLaren) #2

Hi David, I hit the same problem, and there doesn’t appear to be an easy solution. I’m fortunate in that I have another Windows 10 machine I can use, and it works fine on that. If I find time to do a bit more digging, and come up with a solution I’ll let you know.

(Gordon Cameron) #3

Hi David
We have seen this happen a couple of time with the latest Microsoft Updates.
Can I suggest you “Check for updates” again and then Restart (not Shutdown) the PC at least a couple of times to make sure the updates are getting applied. Have a look at the update history as well to see if there are any “failed” updates.
You could also try plugging the scanner into a different USB port - this sometimes works.
Let me know how it goes.

(Jim McLaren) #4

Hi Gordon.
I’ve been puzzling over this one for a few weeks, and all I’ve managed to do is eliminate possible causes. Here is what I’ve tried so far:
Install Cambron Easy Capture - the camera works fine with this
Check that Windows is fully updated - it is, although I did have failed updates way back in December, which succeeded at the next attempt which was usually the same date. The failed updates I had were KB4464330, KB4467708, and KB4471332. Having had a quick look at what they were aiming to fix, I can’t see anything obvious (but I’m not a developer).
My laptop has a webcam. This does not work in Powermusic Pro either, but it does work in Cambron Easy Capture.
My antivirus software controls access to my webcam (which includes the document camera, which it sees as a webcam). I tried disabling this feature, and then uninstalling my AV software to see if that helped, but it made no difference.
Just for a laugh a turned off bluetooth, but no difference.
Changing USB ports, both on the laptop and on a powered USB hub made no difference
At some point in the future I’ll do a full windows reinstall, but as I have the scanner working on a Windows 10 desktop I’m in no hurry. If I find anything else I’ll report back here.

(Lorraine) #5

I’ve been using my scanner for a while and had a mishap whereby my book fell onto the computer keyboard whilst I was typing in the titles etc. after scanning. The whole screen went black so I shut down and restarted. However, I couldn’t get the preview screen back for the scanner. Gordon was really helpful and gave me loads of things to try and spent man hours on the phone walking me through all courses of action as I’m not great at computers and didn’t understand where the functions/menus were.

Anyway, bottom line was, I had a few failed Windows 10 updates and, although we managed to get them installed, the preview was still black. I had to backup and reset my whole computer to factory setting and re-install Windows 10. Then I put PowerMusic back on and…hey presto, scanner preview was back up and running. I can only assume that the failed updates caused the glitch in Windows that corrupted the scanner preview window.

If you go down this route, make sure you’ve got all your product keys etc., or for Microsoft, you’ve logged into your account to recover your programmes. You have to re-install everything and takes quite a long time. I was lucky as I have the PowerMusic dedicated screen and don’t use it for anything else!

Hope this is helpful,

(Lorraine) #6

Had another thought, which might help your analysis. We think my book mishap coincided with the update, which may have caused it to fail as it was around the same time, and I think my update failures were also around Nov/Dec. I couldn’t tell you if they were the numbers that David mentioned. Maybe it was those particular updates that caused the issue as Gordon ran a number of tests and it worked fine on and for everything else!


(David Kechel) #7

I have tried doing all the update for Windows and Dell computer. I have restarted the computer several times after it says I am up to date. Still when I use Power Music to add a new song and go to the document scanner, most of the time where the window should be displayed it say N/A. I can hit scan and it will scan what is below, but I can’t do any line up without the display. A couple time going back and forth from document scanner to integrated webcam I have been able to get a black screen to show up where I should see the preview. When this happens I still can’t see any preview and when I hit the scan button I get an error message that says “Object reference not set to an instance of an object” and won’t let me scan anything. I have way too many programs installed on this computer to ever think about starting over with a Windows install. I just purchased this computer in December 2018. I can’t believe that Cambron Software can’t come up with a fix for this. The Camshop software that came with the scanner works perfect with a preview of what is going to scan and automatic crop box that is continuously updating. It is looking like I’m just going to have to return the document scanner and continue on with my flatbed scanner. If anybody has any other ideas please let me know?

(David Kechel) #8

I also didn’t mention in my previous reply that I have never had a failed update on this computer. None of the programs I use on this computer have failed installing and all the updates installed at the first attempt. It seems others who have had this problem had problems installing some update or driver. This isn’t the case for me.

(Gordon Cameron) #9

Another user who had a problem with the preview window not working after some Microsoft Updates has fixed the problem by doing a system Restore.
In the Start menu type “Restore” and go to “Create a Restore Point” option.
Then choose a restore point to reset the PC to.
Hope this works it’s worth a try!

(Gordon Cameron) #10

I have discovered a bizarre “work-around” for the black preview in Power Music when using the document scanner.
If you rotate the screen orientation the preview starts working!!! - So could you try this.
Start Power Music and go to New song and select the Document scanner. with the black preview showing.
Press Ctrl + Alt + Right arrow (this rotates to portrait) key THEN Press Ctrl + Alt + Up arrow key (to return to landscape)
You should now have live preview working until you change the scanner or come out of the Song editor.
Could you let me know if this works for you.