New user questions

(Ann Mullins) #1

I recently installed your product and love it. I am having a couple of problems though. First sometimes when I try to annotate, it doesn’t work. I go into full screen mode and position cursor in middle of page. When I left click, nothing happens.

Second question. When I scan the music in and select 2 pages displayed per screen, there is very little space between the 2 pages. Is there a way to create more space there?

(Power Music Guru) #2

Hi anniep
Firstly, make sure you click in the middle of the page, not the screen. Annotations are per page, so if you have two pages per screen you can’t click in the middle of the screen to annotate.

There is normally natural page space in scans unless you have cropped the pages too close to the left and right sides? The pages are always displayed next to each other without a gap.

I hope this helps.

(Shane Wilkinson) #3

I have the same problem with pages too close. No doubt it was because of the cropping but this was needed because of the dark borders around the page.

Is there any way of adding in a space between the two pages now?
(or adding some space to the right of the 1st, 3rd, 5th pages etc.)
It would make it far easier to read for piano.



(Gordon Cameron) #4

Thanks for your comment. Adding a gutter option is something we will look at for a future version of Power Music.

(Shane Wilkinson) #5

Hi Gordon

Did this margin/border/gutter option get included in version 5?