Now I'm really bummed out.

(Joe Koziarski) #1

I’m trying to streamline my whole set-up. I bought an iPad 3, and downloaded the iPad app for Power Music. I assumed this would be perfect! Well, not reading the fine print, the ONLY way I can use PM4 and an iPad is to PURCHASE a Power Music Box subscription!

I paid $100 for the program, and now I can’t utilize it unless I pay MORE… PER MONTH!

Other apps work with Drop Box - which is free.

I am truly disappointed.


PS. Is it possible to make Drop Box, or some other form of importing songs to the iPad app an option? Especially for those of us who have already purchased the software.

(Power Music Guru) #2

Hi jojokozy
The other apps you are talking about use Dropbox to access pdf files - a simple way of displaying music.
Power Music, on the other hand, uses a database full of features which, if it were to use DropBox to communicate with the app, would make the app expensive to buy. It would not be free as it is just now.

Power Music Box is online storage which allows you to transfer your music and playlists not only to the iPad, but to other computers. It is not just a means of getting your songs into your iPad. It is undergoing more development and you will soon be able to create your playlists online ready for download. What you are paying for in the subscription is online storage space in our secure web server. We are unable to provide this free of charge because we have to pay for the hosting space.

I am sorry you are disappointed, but there is good reason for the subscription. In fact, many software applications require an annual subscription but Power Music itself does not.

I hope this helps to explain why you need a subscription.

(Joe Koziarski) #3

Thank you for the reply. I understand the reason for the fee.

Perhaps the iPad app could utilize a PM Zip import and export like the regular program?


(Power Music Guru) #4

That would involve a lot more development time and we would end up having to charge for the app. We are keen to keep the app free.

Do you know that you can take out a free thirty day subscription to the Box and that would let you see how it works?

(Joe Koziarski) #5

Yes, I’m aware of the trial. I just can’t justify a monthly fee simply to transfer everything I already have to another device.

Thanks anyways. I appreciate all of your time and efforts. PM4 is a GREAT program… for my PC Laptop. I recommend it highly.

However, for my iPad 3, I recently purchased OnSong for $4.99. It does everything I need it to do. Plus, it allows me to import and export everything from Drop Box.

Lord Bless!

(Power Music Guru) #6

Hi jojokozy
The trial subscription has been replaced by a Free account which will not expire. This gives you enough storage for around 25 songs and you can upgrade later if you need to. Power Music Store is now opened and any music you purchase in the store does not count towards your storage space.
I hope this helps.