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I have moved to Power Music Pro so as to be able to use an 18.5 inch screen under Windows for better visibility than I can get on my iPad with SongBook+. I get it by zooming in full screen mode. But then I can only scroll down by using my mouse on the scroll bar on the right of the screen, which is not an easy thing to do when using both hands for the keyboard!. And when I move to the next page the zoom reverts to no zoom. So I have two suggestions for a future update of the program.

  1. Allocate the up and down arrows to scrolling, keeping only Page Up and Down as the page change commands. This will allow an Airturn Quad to be used for both scrolling and page turn.
  2. Provide the means to save an individual zoom level for each song PDF.
    Or can PowerMusic Pro do these things and I just need to be told how?

Hi harmoniker
Zoom is not intended for performance purposes in full screen mode. Power Music Professional allows you to display part of a page which will make it larger.
If you want your pages to be larger you can either crop to the size required at the time of import, or you can edit existing pages to split them into sections.
Please have a look at this tutorial video which shows you how to edit pages:
You can also get help from the import tutorials.

Thanks for the quick response. I’ll have a look at the tutorials. It will be good if I can get pages (or often parts off them) fixed at the size I can easily see for performance. But I am not sure that cropping will be the answer. I have some complete song PDFs for example that take up the top half of an A4 sheet. Zoomed in, that fills very nicely my landscape screen. But it was already cropped to the edges of the staves when it was imported. And at what you might call its ‘natural’ size in full screen, it is too small for me to read easily.

As I said, I’ll look at the tutorials - some of which I looked at before I bought the program, and which I think are very well presented - but I would like to hope that the greater flexibility of use that would be afforded by the additions I have suggested might be available at some time in the future. Perhaps others on this forum might like to indicate whether they would find them useful. I recognise that the company will not want to invest scarce resources in development which would have limited appeal. The program is already marketed as helpful to partially sighted musicians though, and my suggestions could enhance that aspect of its usefulness.

Just five penn’ orth from a newbie…

Would you be able to send one of your PDFs as an example for us to see what you mean?
Please send it to [email protected]

The problem with zooming in performance mode is that the rest of the page is off the screen, which is not ideal. Power Music is page based.
We will have a look at your PDF and see if we can help with suggestions.

Thanks for the further response.(I knew I was right to go for this program rather than MusicReader because the support just looked so much better!)

I will send you by email two of my scanned in PDFs, one taking up half a page of A4 and the other a full page.

With the half page of music, all that is required is to be able to fix the zoom at the level at which everything is on the screen. There is no part of the page hidden. It is usable in this way now, when one has to select it each time when moving the song into full screen mode. But ideally the zoom level should be savable with the song file.

For a full page the problem with fixing such a zoom level is, as you say, that some part of the page, possibly half or more, will be off the screen. But that was the reason for my other suggestion. If the screen scrolling function were not confined to the Windows on screen slider, but were also allocated as in most other Windows programs, to the up and down arrows and the mouse scroll wheel - which is the way it works in this message in fact when the message exceeds the pane size - one would have a ready means of pulling up the music on the rest of the page. And since the arrows are keystrokes, there would be the added benefit of being able to ascribe them to a suitable foot pedal. The zoom function would no longer be available on the mouse scroll wheel, but that would be of less consequence because the zoom can be set with mouse clicks before starting to play, and ideally would once chosen be saved with the song file. (In my case the change would also avoid my zooming by mistake when my reflexes automatically seek to scroll with the wheel).

I appreciate your taking an interest in the particular problem I am facing. I suppose in a perfect world, given that other users may have different requirements, these various preferences would be selectable from a pull down menu attached to a ‘settings’ button. But I guess I am pushing my luck now! Thanks for listening.

I was reading your chat with PM guru back in 2015. I understood immediately your situation. I’m new to PM, and was hoping to use it in the method you described. It seems that it could be an easy fix to scroll in the way you suggest. When you are playing, you can hit a button, or foot switch and continue using your hands. I play trombone. It takes 2 hands! In order to put my music in PM, enlarge it, and scroll I would have to cut a single sheet into 3 or more pages… Also, concert music uses DC or DS commands which requires jumping backwards. How easy is this to do with PM? or do you have to create multiple pages to make a usable copy. ?