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(Neil Mathieson) #1

I think I asked this long ago and half discussed it with Brenda at CRE a couple of weeks back, but I’m still not sure!! (Probably an age thing!!)

I have an Apple iPad Wi-Fi + Cellular - 3rd generation - tablet that I bought new back in August 2012, and I have the “old style” USB wired foot switch for page turning.

Is there a way I can use the foot switch for the iPad?

If so, how do I connect the foot switch to the iPad??


(Colin Cameron) #2

Hi Neil

You can use the Camera Connection Kit to connect a USB keyboard (or in this case, a pedal) to an iPad.

We have not tested this with any iOS version beyond iOS 7, so cannot confirm if it still works in iOS 8 or 9, as this use of the Camera Connection Kit is not officially supported by Apple.

(Neil Mathieson) #3

Great thanks Colin. I remember now.

One other question - will the AirTurn PED work with my iPad, given it’s over three years old? (Not sure if it is “Bluetooth SMART READY (Bluetooth 4.0)”.

(Colin Cameron) #4

The 3rd generation iPad does appear to have Bluetooth 4.0, according to Wikipedia and should therefore work with the AirTurn. We don’t have a 3rd gen iPad here to test this however.

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OK thanks - that’s really helpful.

One more (sorry!!

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OK thanks - that’s really helpful.

One more (sorry!!

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??? Not posting the whole message???

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OK thanks - that’s really helpful.

One more (sorry!!) Presume it will also work with my (August 2012) Macbook Pro??

I know it is not in stock and was £30 more, but what was the advantage of the PageFlip FireFy over the AirTurn??


(Colin Cameron) #9

As long as your MacBook has Bluetooth 4.0, then it will work. I’m not certain when Bluetooth 4.0 was added to the MacBook specs sorry.

The PageFlip Firefly uses physical switches compared to the solid-state switches in the Ped. This gives tactile feedback when the pedal is pressed. It also has a more advanced physical interface, with slide switches for power and lighting, and separate buttons for each mode, rather than the two-button interface of the Ped which requires holding for different lengths of time for different functions.

We have ordered more units of the PageFlip and they should arrive with us in a couple of days.

(Neil Mathieson) #10

OK - many thanks !!

(Colin Cameron) #11

Just to let you know the PageFlip Firefly is now back in stock.

(Neil Mathieson) #12

Thanks Colin.

What news on the PM iPad full App??

(Colin Cameron) #13

The app has been submitted to Apple for review and should be released in the next couple of days.

(Colin Cameron) #14

The update to Power Music App was released yesterday and is now available for download.

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