Page Turning On Laptop

(Gary Brown) #1

Can I just clarify. I have a letterbox screen laptop. If I have a song several pages long it seems that the only way I can turn the page is by ‘clicking’ on the right side of the screen etc. However when I press the ARROW buttons the entire song changes to next in the list.

Is this the restriction of a laptop as opposed to a touch screen? Or is there a way of being able to press the arrow buttons to turn pages ‘within’ a song.

Hope this makes sense?

thanks Gary

(Power Music Guru) #2

You can turn pages in a song using up/down arrow keys or spacebar.
The easiest way to turn the page is hit spacebar. Or use a foot pedal!

Go to “Help - Shortcut keys in full screen mode”.
This gives you a table of keys you can use.

See the similar answer here:

(Gary Brown) #3

Apologies ive already asked this before really sorry. I love this power music it is amazing

(Power Music Guru) #4

Glad you like it Gary.
I’d be interested to hear your comparison with MusicPad when you have had more experience with Power Music.