Page turning

(Gordon Cameron) #1

Recently a user of Power Music contacted us after having a moment of blind panic when playing a piece for a live choir performance.

Here’s what happened…

The piece he was playing was 10 pages long. He had a playlist of songs and the piece he was playing was not the last song on the list. He was on the second last page of the piece and when he went to move to the last page he accidentally tapped the pedal twice! This moved him to the first page of the next song on the playlist. He immediately tapped the back page button on the pedal but this took him to the first page of the previous song, ten pages away from where he wanted to be - hence the panic.

This is the default operation of Power Music - but there is an option to change this and I thought it might be a good idea to remind you how to do this.

In Power Music - Go to Tools/Settings and choose the “Page turning” tab (see attached picture)

Switch the radio button option to “Scroll within song only”. This means that if at the end of a song you tap the pedal (by mistake) it will NOT move on to the next song – it stays on the last page.

To move to the next or previous song in a playlist either tap the bottom of the touchscreen (next song) or the top of the screen (previous song) or use the right and left arrow keys on the keyboard to do the same functions.

Hope this is useful!

(Niklaus Frei) #2

hello gordon
i’m the user with the blind panic.
thank you very much for the brilliant tip.

it is indeed very useful.

kind regards niki