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When I import a chord chart PDF I need to do quite a bit of editing to align the chords. I’m using Essentials.
Does Pro do this better?
And can I scan chord charts to PDF as OCR directly from pro?

I guess a follow up question would be… maybe different PDF creating software might produce a better PDF, or doesn’t that matter? For instance, would saving a Word doc to PDF get the same results if I had saved a file to PDF using say a pgm called Acrobat, which is very dedicated to creating PDFs?

(Brenda Cameron) #2

Hi Rob
It depends on the original font used, which Power Music converts to a monospaced font. If the original was created using a monospaced font the alignment would be correct. This is the same for Eseentials and Professional.
Regarding OCR - this is only available in PM Professional. If you have scanned a chord chart to PDF it will be stored as an image on the page and OCR is required to interpret the text. PM Professional does a good job of OCR depending on how clear the original is, and sometime the # symbol is not recognised so you have to do a search and replace after extraction.

(Rob Nobel) #3

Thanks Brenda. I think what you’re saying is that PM PRO will convert a scanned PDF file into text via OCR, which Essentials does not do.

I suspect I won’t be able to scan a chord chart directly in as you can do for sheet music? That seems a bit weird, or am I missing something?

(Brenda Cameron) #4

Hi Rob
Yes, PM Pro will convert a scanned PDF file into text via OCR.
You cannot currently scan a chord chart directly in as you do for sheet music, but that will change in a future version.

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