Play list on iPad crashing

(Donald Dickson) #1

I am experiencing a serious issue with the Power Music app version 1.05 on my iPad.
My iPad is running iOS9
The Play List feature in the PM App is effectively crashing the PM app after two songs in the list. The screen freezes and after a while the App crashes (closes).
This happens for play lists downloaded from My Box or a new play list created on the device.
Attempting to reload the app just loads back onto the frozen page.

If I reset (power off ) the device and reload PM then the app loads and I can use “All Songs”, and page through all screens without a problem. As soon as I select a Play List, the problem described above returns.
Thinking that maybe I had too many Playlists I deleted all but one but it made no difference. Thinking that this was a downloaded Play List issue I created a new Play List on the device, but the problem remained.

This issue is not present on the free PM Reader app version 2.2. I can download a play list and create a new play list and all works satisfactorily as far as page turning goes but the line spacing issue is still present on chord sheets.

Not sure what else to try!
Best wishes

(Donald Dickson) #2

Described this issue to another iPad user at church today who suggested i try a hard reset of the iPad. This process was new to me never having heard of it!
The hard reset of the iPad seems to have fixed the issue and the Play list is once more working. :slight_smile:

(Colin Cameron) #3

Hi Donald

Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

We will investigate and try to determine the cause of the problem.

(Donald Dickson) #4

I have experienced this app freezing several times now and decided to investigate further.
I ascertained that the app always crashed/froze during a band practice so delved deeper.
If your band is like ours sometimes there is a “local” arrangement when we might change a chord sequence on a chord sheet.
What I was doing was editing a song chord sheet whilst it was selected from within a displayed play list. Then I would save the edit and return to the playlist. When I tapped move forward one page, the app would crash.
The app then went into a crash loop, I could not back out of the playlist until I reset the iPad.
The fix was then to open My Box and delete the whole playlist.

So I determined that editing a chord sheet from within the play list could be the user root cause.
Now when I want to edit a song I delete (remove) it from the play list, then locate the song in All Songs, edit it, save it, then add it back to the playlist. (Hope this is making sense).
Since adopting this process the app has been stable.
When I forget and modify the song from within the play list then it still crashes - so I think that confirms the user root cause, but no idea what the technical root cause is.

(Colin Cameron) #5

Hi Donald

Thanks for the further information on this. We will try to get a fix out as soon as possible.