Playlist not uploading

(Melville Dixon) #1

Hi there my Playlist is not uploading and sometimes crashing when trying to upload to box from PM on iPad. I have tried renaming and that stops the crashing but it will still not upload.
Other playlists are uploading

(Colin Cameron) #2

Hi Mel

Sorry to hear about that. Well take a look and see what’s causing that issue.

Can you create a backup under Backup/Restore and send it to [email protected] if it is under 10MB? This will create a ticket so I can take a look at the problem. If your backup is larger than that then we can look at other options.

(Diane Murphy) #3

I have been having the same problems with this, I can create playlists but they will not upload to the Box - and I can’t download any Songlists from the Box either. We are due to go live with this on first weekend in February so am concerned.