Playlist notes

Im not sure if this is already possible.

I use non-songs to have the running order of the service on the screen, to do this I create songs and call them things like “ZZ Reading” or “ZZ Sermon” (the ZZ is just so they group at the bottom and easily identified as not songs rather than the bits to sleep through)
This Sunday we have a service with 7 readings in, so I have put “zz Reading” in all the right places but would like to be able to add a note to each to say what reading it is. However the note appears to be for the song wherever it appears rather than each instance.
It would be useful to be able to make notes which apply to that instance in that playlist. It could also be used if you were doing the same song twice but at different speeds or different verses etc… Ive also had use for this when leading the services where ive had to edit the songs to add notes in, then re-edit after the service to remove them

I know its possible to create duplicates, but the notes function would be really useful if it could be applied just to the playlist as it would enhance the ability to build services.

Hi Phil
Yes, this is possible, though not implemented at the moment. (Glad you explained the use of ZZ not meaning sleep!)
All the song details are saved with the playlist so different notes could also be saved.
One of the original ideas with this method of saving playlist versions of songs was that you could swap verses, miss out choruses as you suggest, and this would not change the original, just the playlist version. This has not been enabled yet because it was thought that error corrections made to song lyrics and chords should be reflected in the playlist too, and this would not happen if they used different versions. Another reason is that we were going to re-instate ‘Edit’ from the playlist with a cut-down edit function so that you could make simple lyric corrections to songs without having to locate the song in the select list and go into the main editor.

How about this:
Playlist simple edit - text, pages per screen (because this goes with text) and notes - with the option to save and over-write the original or to save with playlist only?

Sounds perfect.