playlist on tablet

(Derek Tripp) #1

using windows 7 on tablet. i cannot do right click to add song to playlist.

(Power Music Guru) #2

There are several ways to add a song to the playlist. Try the following:
Select the song and press Enter, or double-click on it.

(Derek Tripp) #3

Yes I discovered that but there are 4 items on the right click menu and there is no reason why it shouldn’t work with a touch screen. Anyway at least I can add to playlist.

(Gordon Cameron) #4

Could tell me are you using your finger on the tablet or are you using a pen with an extra button on it to give you a right click?
I have just tested PM using a tablet with finger touch and the right click menu does work - sometimes!!! The problem seems to be with the accuracy of the positioning my (stubby) finger over the item on the list. If I don’t get it exactly right I get no menu!

(Derek Tripp) #5

I am using a finger. Normally when you hold down, a circle appears and then you get the right hand click menu. That appears when in the Chord sheet pane but obviously does nothing however in the select pane no circle appears and hence no menu. Hope that makes it clearer

(Gordon Cameron) #6

I think the problem is with Windows 7. It is not really written for touch and it seems to have particular difficulties selecting from drop-down and other lists. I find if you tap once on the list item and then tap and hold on the item for about 2 seconds then release I get the right click menu more often. The developers of PowerMusic are looking at making the font larger in the lists to make it more touch friendly - I assume you don’t have any problems if you attach a mouse and use it? Cheers Gordon

(Derek Tripp) #7

yes you’re right mouse works kinda defeats the point of a tablet. larger fonts would be a bonus.

(Gordon Cameron) #8

I think the main advantage of a tablet is the fact that you can sit it on a piano etc and don’t need a keyboard and mouse. Also taping the right and left of the screen (or top/bottom) moves you through the music. And you can also use gestures if your tablet supports them.

(Derek Tripp) #9

Don’t get me wrong the tablet is great. I bought it to use your program expressly. I use it in portrait mode but your menus are not very useable in portrait. Maybe a floating menu would be better. Transposing while in the playlist mode is still top of my wishlist