(Graham Carter) #1

Have just installed Power Music on a Mac, registered, downloaded songs and checked for updates.
1.4.3 (1067)

I cannot create a playlist. List of available songs is bottom left, blank playlist at top
but there are no arrows or any other icons.
Clicking only hi-lites the song, cannot double-click or drag up to playlist.
Any thoughts please

(Colin Cameron) #2

Hi Graham

You can add songs to the playlist by double-clicking the song title in the lower list (the list of all songs in Power Music Mac).

(Graham Carter) #3

thanks Colin tried that but it doesn’t work

(Graham Carter) #4

OK so I did a cold re-boot and now it’s working except for one thing…
Having added 6 songs to the playlist and organized them I’d like to
remove one of them… UM! HOW? No clicking or dragging seems
to have any effect.
thanks for your help

(Colin Cameron) #5

Hi Graham

Glad you managed to get that working. To remove items from the playlist, you can right-click (or ctrl-click) on the selected playlist item and select “Remove”.