Playlists & capo keys

(Neil Mathieson) #1

Here’s a related issue re playlists and capo keys.

My fellow band member and I will play the same song with different keys displayed and capo settings. When I create a playlist and upload it into the box, and when he downloads it, all the capo settings he had for any song in a previous playlist seem to be blown away, and it reverts back to original.

Is this the same issue?? I guess I need clarity on what actually gets saved in the playlist I post to the box, and how he can maintain his capo key settings.

Here’s an example.

We play a song in C. In the playlist I create I transpose my key to G, and play G shape with the capo on the 5th fret = C.
I upload the Playlist.
My fellow band member downloads the playlist.
Will his version be shown in C (as per the original song), or in G (as in my Playlist)??
If in G, how can we make it display C without having to alter all the capo settings on every song?



Different keys in different playlists
(Brenda Cameron) #2

Hi Neil
Changing the key in the playlist does not change the original key of the song. When you transpose to G in the playlist (not in the song editor) the song stays in the original key, but the transposition is stored in the playlist. So when your fellow band member downloads the playlist they will see the song transposed to G, but the original key of their song will not be changed - as you will see if you go into the editor.
It should not change the settings in other playlists, though. Is this in Power Music Professional?

(Neil Mathieson) #3

Thanks Brenda

That is indeed what it does. But that means he has to adjust is song back to not transposed again every time he downloads a new playlist.

Hmm wondering if I made that clear that I transpose my song, not just turn on the capo display

(Neil Mathieson) #4

Sorry again looks like I did.

So is there a way of fixing his song so it displays his original not my transposed version??

(Neil Mathieson) #5

By the way, It’s PM for Mac

(Colin Cameron) #6

Hi Neil

The capo key is set for the song, but the key can be set separately per playlist item.

So, if you were to transpose your song to G in a playlist, then transfer that playlist to another user, they would see the song in G in the playlist.

However, if you were to keep the song in C, but add capo chords in the key of G, then the other user wouldn’t see that, and the song would remain in C.

I hope that helps clarify things.