PM Mac and cropping of sheet music

(Ronald Wilk) #1

I have been a user of PM Pro for Windows, but am not a fan of the Windows 10 OS which I find slow and clumsy. I am considering moving over to a Mac, but the downloaded trial Mac version of Power Music appears to be a bare bones program that does not even allow for cropping or alignment correction of imported .pdf sheet music files. Am I missing something, or is this the best the Mac version has to offer?
Thank you in advance.

(Ronald Wilk) #2

Aren’t there any Mac users of PM who recognize that the ability to straighten and crop scanned/imported sheet music is essential? The Windows version provides these functions, the latter turning out to be exceptionally useful for enlarging scanned sheets. I should add, that I love the Windows version of PM Pro, but it is its chosen OS environment that I take issue with, namely, Windows 10.

Since there have been no replies, I guess that I will have to trudge onward with Windows.