Power Music 3 - beta testing

There will be a completely new version of Power Music coming out which will use a different database engine. This makes for faster and easier installations with fewer compatibility issues. If you currently use Power Music and would like to be involved in beta testing then register here and send me an email.
Post your questions and comments here.

I would like to be involved in the Beta Testing of the New Power Music. I use it most days. I use it in my Ukulele group teaching. I use it to catalogue all the music I play on guitar, on bass and in church.
Many thanks.

That’s great, cat_moses. As soon as we have have a test version ready we will email the link to you to download it. Hopefully next week sometime.

Thanks for your help.

I’d like to help with Beta Testing PM3 if possible. Power Music is all I use now in leading. I’m (slowly but surely) chording SoF Books 1-4.

That’s great! We’ ll be in touch.

If you want help I can though I am a new user only. I do have lots of experience with computers.

Then you are the ideal tester - thanks Mark.


I would like to help out any way I can. I use Power Music regularly when working out songs for a Sunday and love it!

I also work as a software developer (.Net / C#) and also have plenty of database experience. If I can help you out in any way (beta testing or code/database stuff) then I’d love to get involved.

Great software!


Thanks, Andy. Have you ever used vistaDB? That is the database engine we are moving to. We have set up a technical category for discussing these things, so it would be good to pick your brains and share ideas.

I will be happy to Beta test it for you at Westwoodhill Church.

Thanks - as long as it’s in parallel with the live system until all the bugs are found!

Beta testing is now up and running. If you have offered to test and have not yet received the email with the link to download the test version, please contact us and we will send it out again.

Tests are now complete and Power Music 3 is released.
We would like to thank all those who gave us feedback during testing.
The new version can be downloaded from here

Testing went well at Westwoodhill. The updates were easy to apply and we have completely moved over to Power Music 3 now.

I would also be very interested in Beta testing. I used to be a Software QA mgr and have a lot of experience in testing software.


Thanks, blankmansb
We will bear that in mind for Power Music 4.