Power Music 3 updates

(Power Music Guru) #1

Power Music 3 is being updated regularly as new features are added. If you are connected to the internet when you run Power Music you will be prompted to install the latest version. You will not lose any of your data with these updates.
We will post a summary of changes included in each update here. Please feel free to add your comments.

(Power Music Guru) #2

[ul][li]There is now a prompt when you use the menu item File>Import pdf/create songs. This is because this section is really meant for importing from pdf files which contain multiple songs and was confusing for new users. If a pdf file contains only one song it is better to use ‘New song’ and then import so that the Song Editor is used.[/li][li]New feature - ‘Tab value’ in the Chord Sheet Editor. This allows you to set the number of space characters which are used to replace a Tab character. When you paste or import, Power Music replaces tab characters with spaces (the default is 5). Notepad uses 8 characters for Tab while Microsoft Word uses 5 characters. Other word processors use different values so this setting allows you to change the default in Power Music to help align the chords correctly when pasting or importing. It is worth experimenting with if you have a long song to import.[/li][li]New feature - fret number in capo chords. This was added to the previous update and the appearance has now been tidied up. Use this as a quick guide to save you calculating which fret to use for the capo. This will be added to the playlist sidebar in future updates.[/li][/ul]

(Power Music Guru) #3

This version contains the following changes:

[ul][li]New featureDPI selection in ‘import sheet music’. Only use this if you are importing smaller pages than A4 or if you have a very high screen resolution and 100dpi (the default) does not display the page to the full height of your screen.[/li]
[li]New featureAllow change of font by selecting from a list of mono-spaced fonts. This is available in Tools > Settings. We have included a selection of fonts. If you would like us to add any other fonts (must be mono-spaced) then please send us link to the download and we will add it to the list provided the licensing allows distribution.[/li][/ul]
Note: The fonts used are not installed on your PC by Power Music. They are only used while Power Music is running.

(Power Music Guru) #4

New version added 10th November 2010. Most of the changes are based on feedback from existing users and we are still continuing to work on more changes, so watch this space!
New features:
[ul][li]One Minute Guides - link to new getting started videos (also on this site)[/li][li]Online resources - links to useful web pages[/li][li]Tags and other information for a song are now displayed in a new tab on the main select screen. See A few ideas & gripes from a dedicated user discussion on this forum[/li][li]‘On the fly’ selection of songs from playlist sidebar to display immediately - this has been added to the existing option to add to playlist. See Real time song selection discussion on this forum[/li][li]New language option in settings - you can now use an alternative European notation for accidentals. See Non-English version discussion on this forum[/li][/ul]
Chord sheet Editor:
[ul][li]Clicking on the empty Titles box will prompt ‘Add title’[/li][li]In the list of suggested chords for the key we have added the 7th to most chords[/li][li]13 and (6/9) have been added to the drop-down list of chord extensions (remember you can also type any numeric extension or you can add other variations in brackets)[/li][/ul]
Other changes:
[ul][li]Categories now ordered alphabetically in Search[/li][li]Bug fix - Chord sheets were displaying blank if no chords present; this has now been fixed[/li][/ul]

(Power Music Guru) #5

There was an update released today which included a fix to a display bug.
Under certain circumstances if you were displaying a single page of scanned or pdf music in landscape mode it was causing the playlist to overlap the page. See Playlist covering music.
This version corrects this.

(Power Music Guru) #6

New, fresh look for Power Music with larger and clearer icons!
We have had new icons designed for Power Music which will greatly improve usability on touch screens and tablet PCs. This will also make it easier for new users to get started with Power Music.

In response to feedback and suggestions there are some new features.
[ul][li]Pdf import of sheet music
We have added two new buttons to ‘Select all’ and ‘Clear all’. This means you don’t have to manually select each page when you want all pages imported.[/li]
[li]Display type
The radio buttons for ‘Chord sheet/Sheet music/Both’ have been replaced with buttons which are highlighted when selected. This should make it easier to see at a glance whether both chords and music are available because the non-available ones are greyed out rather than white. The selected one shows up in blue.[/li]
[li]Playlist sidebar
The radio buttons for ‘on the fly’ actions ‘Add to playlist’ and ‘Display now’ have been replaced with buttons. Apart from being more visible this eliminates an extra step to speed up the process when playing live. With the song title selected you simply have to press the appropriate button to add to playlist or display immediately. If the button is already selected then just press enter when you find your song to perform the selcted action.
You can now change the font size for the notes. On larger screens they were difficult to read so now just press the font buttons to increase or decrease the size. This setting will be applied to all songs.[/li]
[li]Add/Edit song
The large ‘Cancel’ button on the far right of the edit screen has been removed and replace with a Cancel button on the toolbar next to the Save button to be more in keeping with the new look.[/li]
Resolved issues:
We recommend a minimum screen resolution of 1024 x 768. However, some people occasionally use smaller resolution screens and the issue with the chord sheet editor scrolling off the bottom has been resolved.
Some people were having an issue with repeated backup/restore actions. This has been resolved. It is recommended that backups are performed regularly, but restore should only be used with new installations. We are working on using options with export/import such as including categories.

Power Music is constantly being improved and all your suggestions are being taken into account. Please be patient if your suggestion is not implemented immediately - it is on the list!

(Power Music Guru) #7

Power Music continues to improve based on feedback from our users. The update today (15th Feb 2011) contains the following changes:

New feature
Choose to display sharps or flats in the key selection lists. We have added a couple of buttons to enable this feature, both in the main selection screen for transposing and in the edit screen for setting up the key signature for the song.

These buttons use the following rules:
Select screen - Pressing the button will change the available keys in the list - except for the original song key. The only place you can change that is in the editor. The list will drop down to show the changes.
The song chords will change for transposed keys if the enharmonic equivalent is changed by the button. Songs transposed to C major will also be changed to sharps or flats.
The major keys without accidentals - A, B, D, E, F, G will continue to use their default key signature regardless of whether you have selected sharps or flats for the list.
Minor keys without accidentals - C, F, G will have their chords changed because the relative major is changed by this.
Edit screen - As above, but you can change the original key and the other lists will change according to the same rules.

Capo fret number is now displayed beside the page number in full screen view.

Multiple import of images
If you simply want to import several pre-scanned images to a song without changing the size or other attributes, you can now browse to a folder and multi-select these images. This is very fast and will save you lots of time if you add songs this way. This option is found in the Sheet music tab of the editor.

Other changes:
Author and copyright information for the song is displayed in the status bar in the select/edit screen. You don’t need to go to the Tags tab.
Corrections to the backup/restore, import/export - under some circumstances this was causing an error.
You can no longer edit a song from the playlist. In a future update this will come back in a simpler form where you will be able to make text corrections. Major song changes must be done from the main list.

(Power Music Guru) #8

This version contains a new feature:
Tablet Mode
If you use a desktop or laptop and choose to display 2 pages per screen but when you transfer to a tablet you want one page per screen displayed as portrait, then you previously had to edit the song to change the ‘Pages per Screen’ property.
Now there is a new setting which keeps the original song properties but allows you to switch to ‘Tablet mode’ for full screen display for all songs. You can switch this on/off as you wish without having to edit the songs.
You will find this in the View menu:

Change to Backup/Restore
The backup method is now the same as the ‘Create Duplicate’ function in ‘Maintain Database’. This gives a much simpler and cleaner backup and therefore the Restore has also been changed to restore from the new backup. For the sake of backward compatibility there is an option to restore from previous backups so you will not lose any data.

Other changes/fixes
An error was occurring when a song on the playlist was edited from the select list to change the key by 7 semitones, then selected again in the playlist.
If a song had more than 10 pages the page indicator in the bottom right of the full screen was displaying incorrectly after the first few pages, though the correct page was visible.

(Power Music Guru) #9

This is a minor update which contains several corrections:
[ul][li]In the Category search – songs are now ordered by title[/li][li]A warning prompt is given to save changes to playlist notes when moving to the next song in the playlist in full screen mode.[/li][li]Corrections to European notation settings.[/li][/ul]

(Power Music Guru) #10

New Features:
Faster rendering of pdf files for importing.

New design for importing chords from pdf files. You can now select a rectangle of text on the screen - extract the text into a text box beside the page and edit to align the chords while you view the pdf page. When you move to other pages you can extract chords/text to add to the existing text box until you have your song the way you want it before returning to the chord sheet editor. This should make the process much easier since the alignment of chords is invariably lost during extraction.

New design for importing sheet music from pdf files. Experiment with changing resolution and using softening in grayscale and preview full screen to see the results before saving. Select an area of the page, and preview the area. This is useful if you have problems with your eyesight and want to enlarge a page - select half of the page, increase the DPI until it fills the screen in preview then save.

New scanning interface with more options. Once you have scanned the music you can adjust the brightness/contrast and apply immediately to see the effect. There is a new ‘Auto Deskew’ feature which will try to straighten up pages which are slightly angled.

In the ‘Import from multiple PDF files’ section the interface has changed (there were some problems previously with Windows 7 which are now corrected). You can now select an area to import and there is a new settings/preview tab with the same options as above for importing sheet music.

These are major changes and we hope you will find that adding songs is now much easier and improved.

Other minor corrections - a fix to chord editor for European notation mode, page labels fixed for multi-page chord sheets in full screen mode.

Currently these changes apply to Power Music 3 only but during this week the same changes will be made available in the Kevin Mayhew Worship Edition and the Spring Harvest Digi-Songbook.

New tutorials and help files to come.

(Power Music Guru) #11

More improvements to the scanning interface.

Instead of selecting an option and pressing apply, the new buttons apply the effect instantly.
The brightness/contrast effect is seen as soon as you release the slider and you can then adjust the values until you are happy with the effect before pressing OK or Cancel.
There are now Undo and Redo buttons on the menu.

(Power Music Guru) #12

These updates have now been applied to the Kevin Mayhew Worship Edition, version
This version has the additional feature of being able to choose a default display of chords or sheet music. Prior to this version the default was sheet music.