Power Music 4 Updates

(Power Music Guru) #21

Update released today 11th August 2012.

Various minor changes:
[li]Saved playlists now display in two columns - name and date. The default is date so that your most recent ones are at the top, but you can click on the name header to order by name.[/li]
[li]The interface has been updated to comply with larger font size settings in Windows.[/li]
[li]New item in File menu - ‘Delete song’ because right-click is not so easy in tablets.[/li]
[li]The ‘success’ message has been removed from the edit/add song section. A message only displays if there is an error. Please let us know if you want this back and we will make it an option setting.[/li]
[li]Fixed bug in status display at bottom where playlist songs without an author displayed the author from the previous song.[/li]
[li]Added error trapping to internet links.[/li]

Update v. added - view of saved playlists adjusted and new ‘Add’ button on playlist toolbar to add song to playlist.

(Power Music Guru) #22

New version released today 6th September 2012.
This is an exciting update because it prepares the Box integration for downloading publisher songs/songbooks. This means that you will be able to buy Power Music ready songs on Power Music Box for direct download to Power Music. You will need an account on the Box but you don’t need a subscription for this. A subscription is only required if you want to upload your songs to your own account storage area.
You will not notice the changes until the publisher material is released, which we expect to be in October.

Other changes - mainly visual improvements. Larger clock on playlist sidebar, tidy-up of some of the graphics. Improvements in the image processing software and database access.

(Power Music Guru) #23

New version released today 14th November 2012.
This version coincides with the launch of Power Music Store:http://www.powermusicstore.com

The program contains link to the store where you can purchase songbooks or individual songs for immediate download to Power Music 4, Power Music Lite and the iPad app.

Other changes:
Improvements in the imaging software for PDF imports, plus better text extraction.
When using the metronome ‘click’ sound, the flashing light is also displayed.
New menu item in Playlist menu bar in Select screen - Export playlist songs to a PMzip. This means that if you export the playlist you can be sure of having the correct songs for the import computer.
Clicking the ‘Clock’ on the playlist sidebar will trigger the metronome in full screen view. Useful for touch screens if you can’t type ‘T’ for Tempo.

Other bug fixes.

Many thanks to our users for feedback, suggestions and reports of bugs. We appreciate all of you!

(Power Music Guru) #24

New version released today 26th February 2013.
Several major changes with new features:
[li]New setting - change the foreground colour of sheet music as well as the background colour. This is useful for visually impaired musicians.[/li]
[li]New feature - Burn Annotations to sheet music. Use with caution - no further edit of the burned annotations is possible. The burned image can be downloaded to your iPad. It is advisable to use ‘Duplicate song’ (right-click on title) to create a copy of the song without the burned annotation first.[/li]
[li]New feature - Manage Categories. Assign multiple songs to a category at once, remove songs from categories. This feature can be found in File - Categories - Assign multiple songs to categories.[/li]
[li]New feature - Edit Tags. This allows you to edit information in the ‘Tags’ tab without having to go to Edit Song. Very useful for a quick edit.[/li]

Bug fixes: when selecting all songs within a filter to upload/download to My Box the filter was not applied, this is fixed.

To get the update you should automatically be prompted to download and install it next time you run Power Music 4. If you don’t get the prompt, you can download the installation from here:
Your songs will not be over-written! However, it is good practice to perform regular backups from File - Backup.

Power Music Lite will be updated in due course with the new colour settings, but not the other Edit features.

(Power Music Guru) #25

This is a minor update today 28th February 2013.
Following feedback on the recent changes the ‘Tabs’ tag in the Select screen has been enhanced and renamed ‘Details’. This is to distinguish it from the ‘Tags’ tab in the add/edit screen, which has less information in it. The ‘Details’ tab now provides a simpler view of the song information and we hope to add other ‘quick editable’ properties to it in due course.

This release also contains a fix to an existing issue - if you transposed a song in Full Screen mode and returned to the song in the playlist while still in Full Screen it did not retain the transposition. This issue is fixed.

(Power Music Guru) #26

Update released today 18th March 2013
This is a major update (FREE!) to Power Music 4, with a new feature - Libraries.
Manage Libraries from the new toolbar icon:

This allows you to manage your music into your own libraries and only work with the songs in that library in the Select Song screen. Playlist songs are not restricted to libraries.
For help and details of the new feature, watch this video:
The category maintenance has also been changed to a management screen.
Other changes - bug fixes, plus addition of .tif extension to the image import in sheet music.

(Ken Granger) #27

Excellent…well done.

(Power Music Guru) #28

A minor update was released today March 23rd to fix an issue with downloading purchased songs from Power Music Box.

(Power Music Guru) #29

Minor release today 28th March 2013.
Improvements to the functionality of Manage Libraries. New libraries more responsive. Songs are now sorted by title when added to a library.

(Power Music Guru) #30

Update released today 2nd May 2013.
[li]New default ‘pen’ icon in annotations. You can start drawing with this as soon as the annotation toolbar is opened. You can still select other tools as before[/li]
[li]Removed ‘Annotation saved’ message. A message is only displayed if there is an error[/li]
[li]Speeded up title select when typing[/li]
[li]Included libraries in ‘Create Duplicate’[/li]
[li]Better image processing[/li]
[li]Minor bug fixes[/li]

(Gordon Cameron) #31

V4.1.0.6 methinks not! Just got V4.1.0.3 from the download!! We will get it fixed tomorrow!!

(Power Music Guru) #32

The automatic update had been updated, but not the full PM4 download! This has now been done.

(Power Music Guru) #33

Hi Rog
If you are running PM4 you should be prompted to download and install the update automatically. If you skip the prompt or don’t have it installed you can download it here:

(Roger Thorley) #34

Hi I still cant get to the update, I already have power music 4 and just want the recent update. The link you sent sends me to the trial version. Also how do I change my password. Rgds Rog

(Power Music Guru) #35

The trial version is the same as the full version, it acts as a trial without a valid license key. If you have a license key it will update the full version.
To change your password, you will see a link on the right of this page if you logged in ‘Update your Profile’. Click that and go to the ‘Contact Info’ tab. You can change your password there.

(Power Music Guru) #36

Update released today June 10th 2013.
[li]Major changes in the ‘check for updates’ feature to avoid having to update when Power Music is first launched. Please note that the first time you update to this version it will check online as usual, but thereafter you will be able to manually choose whether to update when the menu item appears “Update available!”. This should solve the error some people experienced on start-up due to certain makes of routers not responding as expected when the internet was not connected.[/li]
[li]Changes to allow integration with Mac version uploads to Power Music Box.[/li]
[li]Bug fixes in annotations.[/li]

(Power Music Guru) #37

Update released today 17th August.
Fixed key/capo chord setting in ‘New Song’ caused by update.
Added extra stability to annotation module. (13th August):
French language version. If your computer is configured with French as the locale and language for apps, then many of the main screens will display text in French.
New key/chord options in Language Setting - French/Italian/Spanish. There are now three different settings for your chord sheets.
New ‘Remove from Library’ menu item in Select Song screen. Right-click on the song to remove from the selected Library. This is not available in ‘All Songs’.
In Add/Edit screen if you close without saving changes the message now gives the option of saving, not saving or cancel close. Previously you had to cancel the close and manually save changes.
Fixed bug where occasionally annotations could not be saved to purchased songs.

(Power Music Guru) #38

Update released today 22nd August 2013.
This update relates to issues in touch screens, and for users with large font settings in Windows.

  • Added ‘Create duplicate’ to File menu since right-click is difficult in touch screens
  • Fixed issue related to touch screens when editing text annotations
  • Fixed resizing issue in edit screen for users of large font settings in Windows
  • Minor update to the page number display in full screen mode

(Power Music Guru) #39

Update released today 25th November 2013

Changes in version
Fixed bug in Language settings for French language
Fixed “Line length” setting for chord sheets to enable changes to maximum number of lines before warning
(This setting is in Tools - Settings - Page turning)