Power Music App and Reader Updates

(Colin Cameron) #1

Updates to Power Music and Power Music Reader for iOS will be posted in this thread.

(Colin Cameron) #2

Power Music version 1.0.1 was released on the 22nd of January with the following changes:

[li]Update to Power Music Box interface to show the status of songs on your iPad.[/li]
[li]Added link to online help.[/li]

[li]Quality of imported sheet music improved.[/li]
[li]Shrunk app download size.[/li]

Bug fixes:
[li]Fixed crash when opening Power Music Box.[/li]
[li]Fixed songs in Power Music Box not refreshing when deleting song from iPad.[/li]
[li]Fixed blank song display.[/li]
[li]Fixed “<di” appearing at end of chord sheets after uploading to Power Music Box and downloading to Power Music on Windows or Mac.[/li]
[li]Fixed crash when uploading some songs.[/li]
[li]Fixed bug where song images were not found after downloading.[/li]
[li]Fixed threading issues, causing song changes not to be reflected in Power Music Box.[/li]
[li]Fixed song modified date not being updated.[/li]

This update is available through the App Store, or will be automatically installed if you have that feature enabled on your iPad.