Power Music & CH4

(Jim McLaren) #1


I’ve taken the plunge and bought Powermusic, as generally speaking I like what I see, and looking at the large amounts of sheet music I have scattered throughout the house it seems to be the way to go. I help out at the Kirk now and then, and most of the music played is from the Church Hymnary Version 4. Before I do anything with it, do you have a version of CH4 for Powermusic, or if not, do you have any plans to produce one?
Failing that, can you point me in the right direction for who I should be talking to as regards putting it in to my Power Music box with regards to copyright? Thanks.

(Brenda Cameron) #2

Hi Jim
Firstly, thank you for your purchase.
We do not have a version of CH4 for Power Music and have no plans to produce one at the moment.
Your Power Music Box account is completely private, so anything you put in it belongs to you and is not visible or accessible to anyone else. So if you have the physical music book CH4 you can scan in the music you need on your desktop in Power Music, upload to your Box, and download to your tablet for performance.
For reproduction of copyright materials see CCLI - https://uk.ccli.com/.

I would suggest you add ‘as required’. In other words, if you know the hymns that will be used on Sunday, put them into Power Music. This is much easier than trying to create a complete collection at once. you will soon build up a collection of the most used hymns and only need to add one or two new ones each time.

I hope this helps.

(Jim McLaren) #3

Thanks Brenda. Much appreciated.