Power Music for Mac Issue and suggestions

(Neil Mathieson) #1

Hi Guys

Really enjoying using the Mac version - but I’ve come across an issue:

After uploading a playlist from my Mac, when the playlist is downloaded to my iPhone, or the church laptop (using PM4), song chords randomly change key from the original saved. Often to unlikely guitar keys (sharps and flats!!). It means that we have to go into the downloaded playlist and check and correct.

Also here are a few suggestions (which you may of course already be working on):

• Re my earlier comment about highlighting and moving Select is where it doesn’t find the song – highlights it but doesn’t auto scroll down to it – search works OK (and is great!!)
• When searching for a word – highlight the word in the song text
• When adding a song to the playlist, move down to that song in the playlist, so you can see it’s been added
• Also when scrolling through a playlist with the down arrow – move to the song selected
• Hide / display playlist / notes in full screen? PM4 has this facility by pressing P or N
• Edit song – open in “chord sheet” not “details”. “Details” are likely to be only changed and saved once – chord sheet may be changed / saved many times when manually entering chords and words. Or have a “save and stay in edit” mode so you can save the edited song and carry on with the edit
• Attach music files to song
• Only the main song title appears in the Mybox list – might be useful to include all titles
• In MyBox, use “To MyBox” or “To my computer” – like on PM4 instead of “Upload” and ‘Download”
• MyBox – include ability to sort songs and playlists

Thanks guys - great product!!


(Neil Mathieson) #2

I created a new song in PM Mac and gave it a title, with an alternate title.

I then removed the original title.

In My Box the song with original (but removed) title appeared - the kept title was not there.

I uploaded the song into MyBox but it still had the original title

I then selected the second (and now only) title and included it in a playlist.

I uploaded the playlist into My Box.

Downloading the playlist on my iPhone I got a message saying the song with the second and only title was not downloaded, and indeed it wasn’t!!

I worked round it by uploading the original title and it works - but the title is wrong and reflects the one I removed. Is there a solution??


(Neil Mathieson) #3


Any response to the above issue??

Many thanks

(Gordon Cameron) #4

Hi Neil
We have discovered a bug in the Mac version to do with titles - we think this is causing the issue you are seeing. We are currently working on fixing the issue and will release a new version in due course.

(Neil Mathieson) #5

OK thanks - will that solve the earlier issue with the chord keys randomly changing too??



(Colin Cameron) #6

Hi Neil

Both these issues have now been identified and fixed. The fixes will be released in the next version of Power Music.

Thanks for reporting them!

I’ll also work my way through your suggestions - some of them are already planned, and some will be a long way off.

We appreciate the feedback.

(Neil Mathieson) #7

Great - many thanks.


(Colin Cameron) #8

Hi Neil

Power Music 1.3 was released this afternoon addressing a number of the issues you have identified here.

This update will be available automatically when you launch Power Music.

Thank you again for bringing these issues to our attention.

(Neil Mathieson) #9

A little glitch(?) in PM for Mac.

When editing a song, by accident I pressed Esc. It came straight out of edit and all the changes were lost. Any chance of a prompt to ask if you want to save?



(Micky Mouse) #10

Just ignore -testing!!!

(Neil Mathieson) #11

Hi Guys

I’ve come across an issue.

On some occasions when I try to either transpose the key, or to remove a song from the play list, I get this message:

“could not merge changes” - see attachment.

Clicking OK on transposing, it does transpose the chords, clicking on OK when removing song it does nothing.

Also just an observation when in normal mode and a song is on two pages - the page is displayed, but to get from page 1 to page 2 you have to click on the Up arrow. Intuitively I go for the down arrow?? Fault or feature??



(Colin Cameron) #12

Hi Neil

Thanks for letting us know of this issue. We will take a look and hopefully we will be able to get a fix out soon.

(Neil Mathieson) #13

Hi Guys

Just wondering if you’re still working on this. It’s still (irritatingly!!) doing it.


(Neil Mathieson) #14

Sorry - the “this” referred to is the issue of when in edit mode pressing escape and losing everything!!

(Power Music Guru) #15

Hi Neil

This has now been fixed and an update will be available soon.

Sorry this was missed before.

(Neil Mathieson) #16

Great thanks.


(Colin Cameron) #17

Power Music Mac 1.4.2 was released yesterday with a prompt to confirm if you want to cancel editing.

Thanks again for your feedback.

(Neil Mathieson) #18

Excellent - many thanks!! :slight_smile:

Will you soon have updated the PM Mac functionality to copy playlists in to the desktop, and to change key in full screen mode?

And also filter the songs synchronised, newer, older in the PMBox mode, to make it easier to transfer into the Box?

Am I getting too greedy??

Just like the functionality in PM4 and miss it!!


(Neil Mathieson) #19

Hi Guys

Still liking PM Mac - but it’s still giving me an issue with deleting songs from the playlist.

Doesn’t happen every time, but when it does I have to quit and re-open.

Can you fix it??



(Colin Cameron) #20

Hi Neil. We are unable to reproduce this issue here. Can you send us a copy of your database?

Open Finder and press cmd-shift-G, then type in ~/Library/Application Support/com.cambronsoftware.PowerMusic/. The file we need is PowerMusic.storedata. If you can send this file to me at [email protected], we will take a look and try to reproduce the issue you are having.