Power Music TO-DO list

(Power Music Guru) #1

Suggestions have been coming in from lots of people for how we can improve Power Music even more, so we have collected them all into a new TO-DO list to try to keep them in one place. Let us know if we have missed anything out - some of your suggestions overlapped and should be covered by one of the following:
[ul][li][strike]Categories: Order by title[/strike] (v.[/li][li][strike]Prompt warning to save playlist notes when moving to next song in full screen mode[/strike] v.[/li][li]Global change to display type, ie. always display chords, or always display music[/li][li]Print chords from playlist similar to the songsheet print[/li][li]Add option to print songsheets in larger font, single column[/li][li]Add options to Import/Export - include categories, display list of songs not imported[/li][li]Improve image processing with more options - this applies to pdf import and scanning[/li][li]Add annotation on music[/li][li]Remember custom chords in chord sheet editor[/li][li]Add chord charts[/li][li]Add simple edit to playlist songs – notes for current playlist only, text and pages per screen[/li][li]Add a third colour to chord sheets[/li][li]Look at transposing scores[/li][li]Import from ChordPro[/li][li]Integrate song projection[/li][li]Add non-songs section[/li][li]Look at proportional fonts for display[/li][li]Link midi commands[/li][li]Add option to hide non-Capo chords[/li][li]Add transpose chords on the fly in full screen mode[/li][li]Add an option to Settings to allow automatic display of Tempo indicator in full screen mode[/li][/ul]
This list is quite extensive and will grow over time as previous lists have done. We will work our way through these changes, releasing updates as they are done. Some will take longer than others, and they are not necessarily in order, though the first few are due to be release very soon.

(David Wood) #2

What a great list of updates to come … my back and arms are getting stronger by the minute. :slight_smile:

Another suggestion I have, is that of creating folders as well as playlists.

Yes, I appreciate that a new play list is built up of the songs of your choice, yet I would think that this would normally just contain the songs for that event, and therefore, as planned, be a very condensed version of your “All Songs” database, making it far easier to manage.

My thoughts were that instead of a huge playlist, that songs from other books (eg the Kevin Mayhew material, SoF, MP etc.), could be alpha-numerically indexed into their own volumes as well.

If this thread has been mentioned before, then please forgive my search engine :slight_smile: If it has, then I would welcome any reference(s) you may have, so that I can follow that line of enquiry.

You have such a brilliant product, and so many possibilities to make it even more musician friendly, I’ll just close my eyes for 3 months and check out the changes. Having a friendly musician forum certainly enables us to make suggestions in a very supportive manner, and also to recognise the tremendous amount of work that has gone into R&D, and the fact that you still listen to your customers.

Carry on the great work, and thanks for listening.

Dave (Yorkshire, UK)

(Power Music Guru) #3

Hi Dave
I’m not sure I understand what you mean by creating folders in Power Music? Do you mean an index section similar to the one in the Spring Harvest and Kevin Mayhew versions, but indexed by publication, too?
Thanks for the encouraging comments.

(David Wood) #4

Hi again,
My thought was to use a similar system to the way that Windows has separate folders for different subjects. Also a bit like you might manage different folders in your email In-Box.

My thought behind this, would be to have a folder for, as an example, Hymns and Psalms, and other folders for Songs of Fellowship 1, 2, 3, 4 etc., - with each of these having its own indexed alpha-numeric folders.

Then songs can be “picked” from these individual books, to form a new user play list. This might also be useful if the song is in different key signatures in different books.

This could be useful to make folders of music that are in identical key signature, time signatures, biblical reference, themes etc…

Hope this has helped to explain my ideas, but am willing to clarify further if needed.

Thanks again,


(Power Music Guru) #5

Hi Dave
Sounds interesting. Could categories not be used to group similar songs together, then they can be found under the category search?

(David Wood) #6

Thanks for your suggestion. I’ll come back to it after I try out a few possible ways of doing this.
I guess a quick way around it would simply be to treat eack ‘Play List’ as a ‘folder’ and it would work that way. I guess we only learn by trying these things out, and the forum is the ideal place to share workaround ideas.
Keep the ideas flowing :slight_smile:


(Gordon Cameron) #7

I think a great addition to PM would be a “split-screen” mode. In full screen mode you could display sheet music on one half of the screen and the chord sheets in the other. The movement through the screens would be controlled INDEPENDENTLY by TWO pedals. This gets round the problem of keeping the sheet music and chord sheets “in sync” eg if there were 3 pages of music and 2 pages of chords. The keyboard player can control the movement through the sheet music and the guitar player control the chords sheets. What do you think? Cheers Gordon

(Phil J) #8

Gordon wrote:

This would be good, it would be handy as well if dual monitors were supported, then the keyboard player could have their own pedal and own screen with just the music and the guitars could have just the chords and their own pedals. All running off one pc
I guess there would be an issue with the pedals though in that they’re set to issue certain keystrokes (page up/page down etc) so there may be no way of knowing which pedals were pressed?

(Brenda Cameron) #9

Programmable pedals would have to be used with different keys allocated to turning pages for different displays.
The next stage would then be different outputs for clarinet, trumpet, ukelele - could become confusing!

(Phil J) #10

bjcam wrote:

[quote]Programmable pedals would have to be used with different keys allocated to turning pages for different displays.
The next stage would then be different outputs for clarinet, trumpet, ukelele - could become confusing![/quote]

That would be great! we could easily use 4 separate feeds (lead, bass, vocals, flute) each having their own monitor with their custom feed. I guess at the moment it would be a bit complex for a ‘standard’ user, maybe powermusic ‘pro’ edition could be the future…

(Brenda Cameron) #11

Thought you’d like that, Phil! :slight_smile:
Yes, I think that will have to be one for Power Music Pro.
A solution other than keystrokes/pedal is touch screen. At the moment you can touch (or mouse-click) an area of the screen around the edges to turn the page, and the program would know which screen is being touched and turn the respective page.

(David Wood) #12

Hi again - just noticed the latest update - looks good.
Another suggestion for the To-Do list for consideration:

When editing lyrics, is there any way to automatically correct the 2nd letter capitals from being typed in error. I’m not quite sure how this is achieved, programming wise, yet most word-processors have it as an option, and seeing that most songs lyrics begin each line with a capital letter, followed by the rest of the word in lower case, it may be worth considering.
Thanks, Dave

(Power Music Guru) #13

Thanks, Dave.
Yes, it’s do-able, but the chord sheet editor is not a full word processor. It is a simple text editor. We would have to include all the other auto-type features if we started with that one and then it would turn into into a complete word processor. Perhaps in the future …

Thanks for the feedback.

(David Wood) #14

Thanks for that feedback - I appreciate your rationale.
Cheers, Dave :slight_smile:

(David Wood) #15

With regard to the suggestion of transposition of music scores (in addition to the chord chart facility), would there be any value in approaching Sibelius (AVID), to look at whether their SCORCH download could be incorporated into Power Music?
I don’t know any of the legal ‘issues’ that this may raise, so if it’s a non-starter, then please feel free to ignore this idea. If it is allowed, however, both score and chart list could be updated ‘live’! Now that, I can live with!

(Brenda Cameron) #16

Good suggestion, Dave, but Scorch is based on Sibelius scores, and many users import pdf files or scan directly into Power Music so it would not work for everyone.

(Ken Granger) #17

Greetings…very new to Power Music (a week or so) but am liking what I’m seeing and am busily getting my songs entered. Until I can work it into my budget to get a multi-PC license(using PM at a small church in Indianapolis) I will be projecting my display onto the back wall for the rest of the band to see. I saw an item in your to-do list about hiding non-capo chords but here’s another option I’d like to throw out: have ‘regular’ chords on the left half of the display and capo chords on the right (or vice versa).

(Power Music Guru) #18

Hi Kennyg
You can manually create ‘regular’ chords on the left half and capo chords on the right: In the editor - copy and paste the page into a second page, select the second page and selectively transpose to the ‘capo’ key. Set pages per screen to 2 and there you have it!

(Ken Granger) #19

Thanks for the reply. There’s that box that I have to learn to think outside of again! This ought to do the trick!

(Victor Malyshev) #20

Hi there. Another suggestion is to have ability to display songs in two languages side by side. for bilingual congregations. Also the ability to sort the songs, so to display only the ones that have translation available and not the ones that are just in one language.

Another thing is to have PM available for an IPad.