print song sheet in play list order.

I was preparing an extended worship evening for our house group meeting and wanted to print out song sheets in the order of the play list to facilitate the flow from one song to another without folk having to search through the song sheets to find the songs. I could only print out in alphabetic order and I wondered if you had any plans to add ‘print in play list order’ to this very useful function. It would be very helpful, particularly for house group worship.
Keep up the excellent work.

This would have to be an option - in the case of a house group the songsheet probably should be in playlist order. Sometimes, however, the order gets changed or a playlist is set up specifically to print a collection of songs in songsheet form and people would find it easier to find the song in alphabetical order.

So having an extra menu item in the print list would be the answer.

Or if it’s a house group, why not hook up a TV to the lap top, then the everyone can see the words as you play from the lap top screen. Avoids any printing at all!!

The TV idea is great, as long as you have a room large enough for every one (in our case 16 people) to be facing the screen. Unfortunately we don’t have that luxury. We have to be in a circle. I will give it a go, but I’m pretty sure it wont be possible. Great suggestion for those who have very large rooms though.

Are you using the latest version of Power Music? The ‘print songsheet’ has been in playlist order for a while now.