Print to non-=default printer?

(Arthur Webb) #1

Can anyone tell me if there is a way to print to a printer other than the default one? I couldn’t find any settings, options or help for this.

(Phil J) #2

I think this is a limitation in crystal reports which one of the print functions uses. The only way know is to switch default printers then switch it back once you’re done.

(Power Music Guru) #3

I think the print Essensian is referring to is ‘Print Song’?
This print does not use Crystal reports, but uses a document print which uses the default printer.
Crystal Reports does allow you to select a printer and is used in the Reporting Centre and for printing songsheets from the playlist.

We will look into adding a function which lets you set the printer for printing a song.

(Phil J) #4

my bad!
Same answer, different reason.
I was thinking of the version of crystal reports I used to work with many years ago, that had some strange rules in like printing not being able to change and assumed it hadnt changed.

(Arthur Webb) #5

Thanks for your responses Phil and pmGuru. That is right, I was referring to Print Song and switching the default printer was the only way I had found to achieve what I needed so a printer select feature would certainly be helpful.