Problems with chord placements after PM Pro update

(Elizabeth Ann Woods) #1

The last update ( of 22nd February) is mucking up the chord placements in my files. On editing and printing everything is perfect - on screen the chords seem to end up about +/-5 characters away from where they ought to be. They remain on the correct line. This was not occurring until Feb update.

I am using PM Pro on a Win 10 Home on Lenovo Yoga 300. This, of course, may be yet another collision between windows and other software.- there was no Win update between the old version ( and the update. Has anybody else noticed this problem?

(Brenda Cameron) #2

Hi Elizabeth
We have not seen that issue and the last update did not change anything in the chord display.
Can you send a sample of a song that is showing this please? Send it by email to [email protected] and copy and paste the text of the chord sheet into the email so we can check it out.