Processor Upgrade & NEW Battery Pack for MusicOne

(Gordon Cameron) #1

MusicOne has had a processor upgrade to an Intel Dual Core 2.13GHz. This should make Power Music even faster. There is no additional cost for the faster processor. The other advantage is that it has a slightly lower power consumption than the previous processor. In normal uses MusicOne only draws about 20W!!

We can now offer a BATTERY POWER option for MusicOne for those users who are wanting to perform where there is no mains electricity. This neat little box measuring only 18cm x11cm x 2cm and weighting 0.52kg gives you up to 4 hours running time for your MusicOne. (Running time depended on screen brightness, disk activity and other factors). Just plug into the power input of the MusicOne and you are ready to go. Ideal for outdoors performances. To re-charge, Just plug in the mains adapter supplied and you can continue to use the MusicOne while it is charging.
Retail Price £169.98 (inc VAT) (Contact Sales Desk 01355246832 for info)

Note: This power pack can also be used with mobile phones, cameras, laptops, iPads and other mobile electronic devices.