Proportional font display

Hi again at Cambron,
I much prefer to view chord sheets prepared using a proportional font as opposed to monospaced fonts.
Do you have any plans to introduce this facility in the future?
It would also be extremely useful to be able to import songs stored in ChordPro format, they should be relatively simple to parse in an import routine.
Best regards

Hi Michael
Monospaced fonts are used so that you can position the cursor on a word and the chord will be place directly above it without you having to tab and space along the chord line. This keeps the chord line as a text line without using tags so you can freely enter any text you want.
ChordPro songs would be straightforward to import, so that is something we can add. Thanks for the suggestion.

Thanks pmGuru,
I understand why you are using monospaced fonts for simplicity of positioning chords above text but I still prefer reading chord sheets with lyrics in proportional fonts - it’s the way we work.
Even this monospaced message that I’m typing is going to be displayed in a proportional font when it’s posted; not only to save space but because it’s more intuitive for our eyes.
I’m not meaning to be argumentative here - I just want to be clear about why I think it’s a goal worth pursuing.
Songsheet Generator (Freeware) manages to create proportional font output but stores the songs in Chordpro format. (That’s also why I was asking for Chordpro import of course - I have a lot of songs in this format)
Best regards