Released 31st May 2013

(Power Music Guru) #1

It’s here!
In response to demand from many people over the years, we are delighted that Power Music Mac is now available.
We realise there will be many questions, especially in the initial stages. Power Music 4 users might wonder where some of their most-loved features are. It has been impossible to squeeze years of PM4 development time into this first release, but it is more feature-rich than PM3 was! We have tried to cover the differences with a feature comparison table.
Most PM4 features will be added over time - we didn’t want you to have to wait any longer for PM Mac version 1!

(Power Music Guru) #2

Hi Neil
There is an update released today which will let you set your colour options and upload playlists to the Box:

(Neil Mathieson) #3

Great - thanks Gordon.

Upgraded and playlist uploads works OK - but I can’t see how to change the colour options???


(Neil Mathieson) #4

OK - found it now!!


(Neil Mathieson) #5

Have I missed it, is there any way of importing / exporting pmzips and playlists??


(Colin Cameron) #6

Hi Neil

PMZips are not supported in Power Music Mac. Playlists can be imported in XML format from Power Music 4, but you cannot export playlists from PM Mac.

The best way to transfer playlists between computers is to use Power Music Box.

Hope that helps

(Neil Mathieson) #7

Thanks Colin.

It almost helps!! We’ve got a Windows PM4 at church that we use, and I normally choose the songs and create a playlist at home (now on the PMMac!!). But our internet connection at church is non-operational at the minute so we can’t use the PM box to import playlist and songs etc. I have to import the playlist with an exported playlist on a stick.

Looks like it’s back to the windows PM4 until the church internet is fixed??


(Gordon Cameron) #8

pmGuru - is not Gordon!! :slight_smile:

(Neil Mathieson) #9

I thought all gurus were called Gordon!! :slight_smile:

(Neil Mathieson) #10


I’ve discovered a little glitch - when you search for a song in Use All songs view, it selects the song words and chords, but does not move to and highlight the song in the list below the search box.

With PM4 you can double click on the highlighted song to add to play list, but with it not moving to the song in the list in PMMac, you can’t do that.

Any suggestions??



(Colin Cameron) #11

Thanks for letting us know about this - we will look into this as soon as possible.

(Neil Mathieson) #12

OK many thanks.

(Neil Mathieson) #13

Hi Guys

Something else I’ve noticed. When you add a song to a saved playlist, the “save” button is not clickable.

When you exit the playlist to open another saved playlist - it doesn’t ask any of the questions PM4 does (e.g. do you want to save, or not save etc.).

But reopening the first playlist, the added song has been saved - without being asked!! The same happens if you remove a song, the playlist is saved without asking, and the “save” button is not clickable.

The only time the save button is clickable is when creating a new playlist.

Feature or error?? :slight_smile:


(Neil Mathieson) #14

Now I’m going to get picky.

Is there any way the “edit song” mode can have the same background colours as the main??


(Gordon Cameron) #15

FEATURE!!! We are trying to reduce the number of clicks you need to perform certain tasks. The Mac version is slightly ahead on this score!!

Need to talk to the Mac programmer for an answer to the second question!

(Neil Mathieson) #16


I tried hooking up one of our screens (with the long 15m cable) to my Macbook Pro this afternoon. I couldn’t get it to display properly. Sometimes it just displayed the background screensaver (stars) and sometimes just parts of what was on the Mac screen. Is there something I should be setting on the Mac, or are we back to the old problem of long connecting cables not working. I haven’t tried it via the splitter.

Any advice??



(Neil Mathieson) #17

ps Really like it on the Mac - and really liking the edit from playlist function!!

Have one or two more observations which I will collate and let you have ere long.


(Colin Cameron) #18

Hi Neil

Thanks for your comments. The colour settings only apply to the song display, not the edit screen. You will notice also that chords are not displayed in a different colour to the text in the chord sheet editor.

There is a preview button on the edit window which will pop up a new window with the song in the correct colours.

On your monitor query - it sounds like you are extending the desktop. You should be able to set the Mac to clone your display on both the internal and external displays.

(Neil Mathieson) #19

No probs with the colour settings, just that I’m used to it being in colours in edit mode on PM4.

I’m sure you’re right about the “cloning”, but I haven’t been able find out how to do it!! Any tips??

Here are the promised observations / issues – I recognise you may still be working on it to give all the functionality of PM4, so some of these you may still be working on!!

Auto saving playlists
I like the idea of auto saving the playlists, but it needs something of an explanation to tell you that’s what it’s doing – just leaving the save button greyed out doesn’t work for me. Even removing it altogether once the new playlist is saved might be better, with a note saying it’s auto saving.

Other playlist functions
Would be nice to have:
• The facility to copy playlists (not just rename)
• Copy playlist contents to clip board. Useful to e-mail list songs to others (who don’t have PM)

Other nice to have stuff
• View full screen button (rather than “View – Enter Full Screen”)
• Transpose facility in full screen (plus all the notes facilities as per PM4)
• Selection functionality for Newer etc. on PM box

iPhone App
I created a new song in PMMac and uploaded it to the Box. But on downloading to the iPhone something happened to the formatting. The first page is blank apart from the title (in bottom left corner) and on page 2 it doesn’t display as words and chords on separate lines. It runs them all together and has “eftab720” in front of chords. It also doesn’t bring the chords across in colour.

(I tried to find a way to copy this and send it so you could have a look, but I don’t know of a way of taking a screen shot on the iPhone)

Is it possible to delete songs from the iPhone All Songs, or from the Box when on the iPhone?

Sounds like a long list but again let me say how much I appreciate and like the new PMMac!!


(Neil Mathieson) #20

Just created another song on PMMac and uploaded to Box.

Still get the same error with the song on my iPhone. (BTW it’s bottom right on the first page, not bottom left)