Released 31st May 2013

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[quote=“NeilMath” post=1193]No probs with the colour settings, just that I’m used to it being in colours in edit mode on PM4.

I’m sure you’re right about the “cloning”, but I haven’t been able find out how to do it!! Any tips??[/quote]
In System Preferences->Displays->Arrangement, tick the “Mirror Displays” option.

Here are the promised observations / issues – I recognise you may still be working on it to give all the functionality of PM4, so some of these you may still be working on!!

Auto saving playlists
I like the idea of auto saving the playlists, but it needs something of an explanation to tell you that’s what it’s doing – just leaving the save button greyed out doesn’t work for me. Even removing it altogether once the new playlist is saved might be better, with a note saying it’s auto saving.[/quote]
Thanks for the feedback. We’ll look at how to make this feature a bit more clear.

Other playlist functions
Would be nice to have:
• The facility to copy playlists (not just rename)
• Copy playlist contents to clip board. Useful to e-mail list songs to others (who don’t have PM)[/quote]
Again, something we can look into. These small features are present in PM4 as a result of 6 years of development. Over time, PM Mac will gain more of them.

Other nice to have stuff
• View full screen button (rather than “View – Enter Full Screen”)[/quote]
The “double-arrows” icon at the top right of the window will take you into full screen mode.

• Transpose facility in full screen (plus all the notes facilities as per PM4)[/quote]
You can view and edit performance notes from the playlist sidebar in PM Mac, but this is only possible from within a playlist.

• Selection functionality for Newer etc. on PM box [/quote]
Something else to be looked at, thanks.

iPhone App
I created a new song in PMMac and uploaded it to the Box. But on downloading to the iPhone something happened to the formatting. The first page is blank apart from the title (in bottom left corner) and on page 2 it doesn’t display as words and chords on separate lines. It runs them all together and has “eftab720” in front of chords. It also doesn’t bring the chords across in colour.[/quote]
Odd - this definitely sounds like a bug in either PM Mac or the app. I will have a look to see if I can replicate the issue.

(I tried to find a way to copy this and send it so you could have a look, but I don’t know of a way of taking a screen shot on the iPhone)[/quote]
Press both the power button (top of the device) and home button (below the screen) at the same time, and a screenshot will be saved to the photo library.

If you could email me screenshots and the title of the song in question to colin(at), I will take a look.

Is it possible to delete songs from the iPhone All Songs, or from the Box when on the iPhone?[/quote]
You cannot delete songs from your Box account from the iPhone, but you can delete songs from the device. If you go to My Box, and select a song on the Local list, the row should expand with further details and a delete button.

Sounds like a long list but again let me say how much I appreciate and like the new PMMac!!


Thanks for the feedback. There’s certainly lots to get on with there! I’m glad you are enjoying PM Mac. If you have any other problems, just let us know.

[size=2][color=#ff0000](Note: I am splitting this discussion into a separate topic, as it has strayed a little from the original announcement!)[/color][/size]

(Neil Mathieson) #22

Hi Colin

Just got your reply, but nothing appears in the forum???


(Neil Mathieson) #23

Durr - sorry - found them now!!

(Neil Mathieson) #24

Thanks for all your comments

Re the external / internal display:
“In System Preferences->Displays->Arrangement, tick the “Mirror Displays” option.” Hmm - haven’t got an “Arrangement” option (all I get is attached)

“You can view and edit performance notes from the playlist sidebar in PM Mac, but this is only possible from within a playlist” Understood, but I meant transposing the key within the full screen in a playlist.

I’ve got the screen shots from the iPhone (and I learnt how to do it - thanks!!) - I have attached them photo1 is page 1 and photo2 is page 2


(Neil Mathieson) #25

Just noticed that p2 of the screen shot is the second page of the song - so page 1 isn’t there at all.

(Neil Mathieson) #26

Would access to our My Box be any use to you - to check the file??

(Colin Cameron) #27

Hi Neil

If you could send you username only (not your password) as well as the title of the affected song to colin(at) I will take a look at the problem.