remote access

I was sat in church on Sunday listening to the sermon and drifted off for a little while (short attention span!) and thought how nice it would be if powermusic included a little webserver where you could log in from your smartphone and make alterations to the playlist as you sit there, maybe make notes related to the sermon to be able to include in links later on etc…

I know pro presenter has an ipad remote now, and indeed can transmit notes to an ipad (which ive seen in action and is pretty smart) so these kinds of devices are starting to get used in churches.

It’s easy! Download one of the free, or pay for, a VNC remote desktop type applications for your PC running PowerMusic and an App for your iPhone/iPad. I tried TeamViewer a free package for PC and iPhone and had it up and running in about 5 minutes. I was able to control completely PowerMusic from the iPhone. I could create/edit playlists, view songs (music and chord sheets) and control all aspects of PowerMusic. Have a go yourself! Probably the best one would be VNC (free for the PC) but £5.99 for the iPhone app. However TeamViewer works fine. Cheers Gordon

Hi Gordon
Ive used teamviewer quite a lot for my work and really like it but there are a couple of big things that would make it impractical for regular use in this, the screen of the smartphone is too small and it requires the devices to have internet access. A small custom built web interface would be much more intuitive and practical.
VNC could be a good work around for now though, still the small screen issue but I dont think internet is required.

VNC will work over a LAN - so no need for internet connection. Just connect using the IP address. Cheers Gordon