Remote Desktop

(Mark Williams) #1

Was just wondering if anyone successfully uses remote desktopping to access Powermusic (or just generally)? And if so which program/app they use?

As i play keys at my church and a local church conference once a year, i have been thinking it’d be useful if during the sermon (a time during the service which i’m not generally sat at the keyboard) i was able to view/adjust the set list for the worship time after using my iphone/ipad - so that when i return to the keyboard after the sermon i can just start playing straight away with no delay in having to find a song etc (i know you can cue up a playlist etc which is great, but i’m sure you’ll appreciate sometimes during a sermon you change your mind entirely as to which songs to use).

(Phil J) #2

This is something I asked about quite some time ago. Its possible to use VNC to do remote desktop but using a tablet or phone would be a but small (even if vnc is available in the apple world which is probably isnt).
At the time I thought it would be handy if PM had a small webserver built in allowing you to change things away from your pc.

I guess you could use powerbox to have all your stuff on your iphone/ipad and at least know what you were going to pick ready for when you got back to your pc.

(Gordon Cameron) #3

I have used VNC from both Android and iOS devices to control Power Music. It works fine!
I have also user Teamviewer - I think there is a free version available.