Same backup across different systems

(Adam jones) #1

I’m pretty sure I know what the answer will to this query but here goes;

I have multiple versions of PM. I have Pro, essentials and Mac across lots of equipment. I also travel a lot but I’d like to work on my playlists, libraries etc…

I do not want to go down the power music box route as I cannot justify the costs because of all the other cheaper cloud storage I have but I understand and have read the why nots so there’s no debate there.

Is there any way to backup my PM pro Win 10 studio system and restore it to an OSX system to carry on working and then transfer back when I’m back in the studio? I understand that pro only features wouldn’t be available but the general concept of the .vdb5 to .pmmbak and back again.
Backup - USB stick - New machine - Restore - Edit - Repeat process back to PM pro.

(Power Music Guru) #2

Hi Adam
Sorry, but Power Music Box was developed to allow transfer between Windows, Mac and iOS. There is no other way apart from entering the songs manually again.
You can do quite a lot with a free account once you have your songs on all devices. You can transfer playlists without cost, and if you have only a few songs to transfer at a time you can remove songs from the Box after transfer.

(Adam jones) #3

Thanks for the reply. It was the answer i was expecting.
some of my pdf pieces can stretch into many many pages and can easily go over the 5mb limit

not to worry