Scanning Chord sheet?

(Douglas Haytee) #1

I’m new to PMpro I’m scanning in various sheets of music that I have used for guitar. some are sheet and music pages with chords above other pages are just Chord sheets (lyrics with chords written above).

Am I doing something wrong? I can’t find where I scan my chord sheets into the chord sheet option of PMpro.
on the chord sheet tab there is no option to scan all the pages of chords I have.

What am I missing I hear people taking about an OCR - is this part of this program or do i need to scan all my songs into a different program and save as PDF before using PMpro to extract the chords and lyrics again?
This way seems to leave me doing twice as much work on every song?

(Power Music Guru) #2

Hi CaptainDug
At the moment there is no scan option in the Chord Sheet Editor. That may come in a future update.
Power Music Professional does have OCR built into the PDF import in the Chord Sheet Editor, so you can scan to PDF and then import.

(Rob Nobel) #3

When I import a chord chart PDF I need to do quite a bit of editing to align the chords. I’m using Essentials.

Does Pro do this better?

And can I scan chord charts to PDF as OCR directly from pro?