scanning through power music crash?

(Gary Brown) #1

Just got an epson xp 305 printer scanner and i have been scanning tons of my music in lately
However every 10 scans or so the pm locks up and crashes. I have to click on pm again and it
Works ok then crashes again after a few scans.
I had my pc guy remove old dell scanner files from my twain folders which finally unlocked the
Scan function on pm to my new scanner but now i have this.

Any advice?

Also after ive saved a song whenever i want to go back and amend the title when i re save it
The title is not amended? The only way i can change a title is to delete it and rescan in again.

Thx gary

(Power Music Guru) #2

Hi Gary
Not sure what could be causing the crash, we will have a look.
To change a title you go to Edit Song and delete the title, not the song. Then add the new title and save.