Screen reflections

(Donald Dickson) #1

Our band occasionaly plays in open air concerts (about 4 times a year) and the problem that I run into is the visibility of the screen in outside daylight.
I have the large screen Music One PC and unless I can find shade on the stage I cannot see the screen at all. The iPad is slightly better, but that too has its limitations.
Sometimes I will fall back onto printed paper on a music stand! (Somewhat retro!)

Given the limitations imposed by the laws of physics, has anyone come across a demountable clip on “screen shade” that cuts down reflection?
I realise this is a long shot but my searches in Google have so far drawn a blank.
Thanks (in hope)

(Colin Cameron) #2

Hi Don

We’ve come across the same problem ourselves on occasion (somewhat surprisingly, given the usual Scottish weather!) and we haven’t been able to find any solution unfortunately.

(Donald Dickson) #3

Thxs Colin, have you looked at the 3M anti-glare products for screens? They do seem expensive though!
Continuing my search today I came across a web page for a reasonably priced screen hood that looks interesting. offer an adjustable Anti-glare Screen Hood that is installed using double sided sticky Velcro to most monitors.