Send MIDI commands

Hi all,

I’m looking into a way to send out MIDI commands at the top of each song?
I have a Voicelive 3 extreme and a beatbuddy, play piano and guitar and I am trying to simplify my performances by putting in some time into setup.

Looking through other forums the usual suspects (onsong, onscore) seem to have this ability so a bit down hearted not to see a clear option on PM.

Ive searched the forum for ‘MIDI’ and read various subjects but the posts are all years old and some referring to pre PM4.
Some talk about and “upcoming feature” but that was up to 9 years ago.

If this isn’t possible has anybody found a good third party app that I could possibly integrate?

Power music plays midi files. Select the midi file instead of an audio file . In full screen mode you can play the midi file instead of the audio. It can also automaticly play the file as you select the song in full screen mode.