sharing music sheets with two users

(Gary Brown) #1

I am a worship leader with my own power music on my laptop my colleague is also a leader and wants to purchase her own pm. Can we then share our sheets together or transfer over to each other before a meeting?

(Neil Mathieson) #2

Hi gazzeel

I’ll leave the main man from PM to answer officially, but if you have a multi-licence PM version she can use one of the licences for her PM and then you can transfer everything via MyBox. If you have a single licence - then just update to a multi-licence.



(Power Music Guru) #3

Hi gazeel
Neil is correct. You can upgrade to a 5 user licence from within Power Music for £90. Go to Help - Upgrade Licence, then click ‘Obtain Product Key’.
This means that up to five users in your worship group can use this key to unlock Power Music.
You can use the Box to transfer music or you can export/import PMzips.

(Gary Brown) #4

So instead of buying an eighty pound new license one of us buys a ninety pound one as klti licence?

(Gary Brown) #5

Sorry multi licence

(Neil Mathieson) #6

Looks like it doesn’t work if there’s only two of you then!! But if there are others in the band then they can use the licences too. Good for practicing the songs on their own!!

I use the licences too to transfer between my home laptop and the band laptop at the church, saves lugging my laptop from home to church!!


(Power Music Guru) #7

Hi gazeel
If your colleague is handy for Birmingham we will have some special offers at CRE Thursday and Friday this week.

(Gary Brown) #8

Sorry can u clarify. So you said I or someone else needs t pay ninety pounds for a “5” user licence or are they 90 each? If we have this multi user licence then only one of us needs bring a laptop to church as we play together she sings and plays guitar and i play organ keyboards.?

(Power Music Guru) #9

If more than one person in your group wants to install PM4 on their own computers then they can EITHER buy a single licence at £79.99 each OR you can upgrade to a five user licence for £90 (this is the cheaper option for 3 to 5 users).
You can use either laptop in church.